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The Superiority of Squatting

The Superiority of Squatting If you only do one exercise in your life, it should be the squat. Squats, even unweighted, have significant benefits for your general health. In other cultures, squatting is actually a bit more naturally tied to activities; for example, in certain Asian countries, people simply squat near a building while eating their lunch, and they maintain that position throughout. It’s natural, and comfortable, for them to do so. For Americans, that isn’t often the case. The squat’s importance comes from: Working more muscles than any other exercise. Squats work hamstrings, core strength, glutes, quads, calves, and even shoulders when weighted. Boosting testosterone. The above mentioned combined muscle groups are among some of the largest and most important in the body, so when strength training for better testosterone, it only makes sense to work them. When you can work them all at the same time, you are […]

The Importance of Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching

The Importance of Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching Stretching is popular in both sport and fitness, with differing strategies on the proper stretch being highly dependent on the activity that you’re stretching for. A dynamic stretch targets certain joints and muscles of the body, going through a series of motions that are meant to mirror the actual movements that you will go through for the intended activity. The “dynamic” aspect comes in the form of pushing the limb, joint, or muscle further with each stretch. A static stretch involves holding a part of the body in a position for roughly 30 seconds to a full minute. The “static” aspect, then, is in the hold itself. Both stretching approaches have their place in lifting and strength training, but it’s important to know which is the better choice for placement and timing. Correct stretching improves posture, gives you greater stability, and reduces […]

The Best Sources of Natural, Affordable Protein

The Best Sources of Natural, Affordable Protein Getting your protein levels to where you want them to be in your diet can be a challenge if you’re looking at it without proper context. The goal of getting to anywhere from 120 to 140 grams of protein can be daunting to some who are beginning on the path to fitness, but some of that hesitation comes from marketing. Going through your average grocery store or health supplement chain, you are likely to see formulas making claims about the explosive protein content that you will get in a shake, bar, or ampule. The hesitation, then, comes at the price tag on the products themselves; with some protein bars starting at $1.50, and going upwards toward $3 per serving, it can quickly add up. Some protein shakes and powders are highly recommended, if you can find those that have the right source of […]

Squatting Mistakes to Watch Out For

Squatting Mistakes to Watch Out For To get one thing out of the way: The biggest squat mistake is not to do squats. It really can’t be said enough that squats are one of the single most productive exercises that anyone, at any level of physical fitness, age, or weight can do. Ranging from the untrained elderly, to peak Olympic performance, aspects such as weight amount, and positioning of bar grip may change, but the fundamentals of the squat remain the same. We are bipedal, and the squat is our single greatest weapon in the fight against gravity. It only makes sense. There are problems to watch out for, however. As with any exercise, form errors can lead to injury and reduced performance. The squat in particular can be prone to these because the exercise engages your entire body, and when done correctly, will not have a machine to guide […]

The Best Post Work-Out Foods

The Best Post Work-Out Foods You should already be aware that you should never strength train on an empty stomach, even if you’re trying to lose weight. Cutting unhealthy carbohydrates is one thing, but food provides your body with the fuel that it will need to push potentially hundreds of pounds of cold, unforgiving steel against the unyielding cosmic force of gravity. That is not a challenge you want to face with compromised blood sugar levels. But what about after your work out? If you don’t eat after emerging victorious in your bout with one of science’s most fundamental forces, you could be missing out on some very key nutritional boosts that will enhance your results and make you feel as you should: like a true champion. Here are a few foods that you should consider adding to your post-workout menu, and why they’re good. For Glycogen: Bananas. They’re cheap, […]

Knowing Your Fats, Part 2: Fats to Watch Out For

Knowing Your Fats, Part 2: Fats to Watch Out For Now that we’ve covered some of the more beneficial fats that you should be including in your diet, let’s take a look at the more common fats that you will want to cut out, as well as fats that may be questionable. There is still a great deal of debate and research on this subject. Trans fats Generally considered to be the very worst fat that you can get in your diet, trans fat are naturally uncommon in any food. Their main point of origin in the modern diet is from food production and manufacturing, wherein certain unsaturated fats are hydrogenated to create a saturated fat chain. This process gives food producers a more “workable” form of fat that has become popular due to its inexpensive nature. You will most likely find trans fats in: Fast food. The fast food […]

Knowing Your Fats, Part -1

Knowing Your Fats, Part 1. It’s a common mistake that first time dieters inevitably make– fat must be cut out of the menu, in any form. No more butter, no more eggs, no more dairy. All fats must be removed, and then you will, of course, lose the fat that you have already on your person. After all, you are what you eat, and if you eat fats, it only makes sense, right? Of course not. There are good fats, which can help to support physical and mental health, and then there are the bad fats, which just bloat your body and drain your energy levels. Fat isn’t always the culprit in your diet if you’re looking at candidates for removal; in fact, it’s more likely to be one of your greatest allies in the challenge of finding foods that you can love while you cut out your guiltier pleasures. […]

Intro to Leg Day

Intro to Leg Day Most guys don’t think to train their legs. If they do, it’s as a distant afterthought to their chest and arm training. But how can you be truly strong if your legs are weak? Leg injuries can really detract from the quality of your life. Keep your legs strong and healthy and they will be less prone to injury. In other words, don’t skip leg day. Exercises for leg day Squat. The squat is the king of exercises. If you do only one exercise on this list – if you do only one exercise, period – it should be the squat. Squats should be performed with a barbell in a squat rack, not a smith machine. Focus on form. Partially squatting 500lbs won’t do nearly as much as squatting 250lbs to proper depth. Lunge. Lunges are not only great for developing strong legs. They also develop […]

High-Intensity Interval Training for Busy Lifestyles

High-Intensity Interval Training for Busy Lifestyles In 2014, it can be hard to find the time to hit the road for hours every week to bike or jog. Thankfully, this isn’t necessary. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is not only more effective than steady state cardio (traditional roadwork): it also requires less time. What is HIIT? HIIT comes in a variety of flavors, but they all adhere to the same basic principles. Exercises are performed at max or near-max levels of intensity; during the exercise portion of an interval, you go all out or close to it in your effort. The exercise is then followed by a rest period. Then the next interval begins. Because HIIT involves such intense effort, it stimulates muscle activity. This gives your workouts an anaerobic aspect; traditional cardio only addresses aerobic fitness. All of this adds up to more calories burned, both during and after workouts, […]

Assorted Workout to Get Ripped Hard in 2012

It is common among the guys to aim for a body which is lean, toned, pumped and ripped. But the question is, how could you do this fast in 2012? You are familiar that if you want to get ripped amazingly, you would need to undergo processes like diets and intake of supplements but aside from that the most common way is to do workouts. It is truly confusing when it comes to this question because a lot of people would give you various answers based on ones experience. But do you know that get ripped workout plans only goes down into two major manifestations? Yes, there is only two of the best workout to get ripped. So what are these proven, high quality workouts? Anaerobic Exercises –        The purpose of this exercise is to improve muscle growth and strength gains. One form of an anaerobic exercise is through lifting […]

Increase your Blood Flow to Get Ripped Fast in 4 Weeks

A key requirement to get ripped fast in 4 weeks is eating more protein rich foods because proteins are the building blocks of your muscles. Proteins produce amino acids that boost the production of nitric oxide in your body to improve blood flow. However, the amino acids brought by proteins may not be enough to boost nitric oxide production in your body; therefore, you should eat more nuts and seeds and take a nitric oxide booster supplement to augment the supply of amino acids in your body. The nitric oxide booster is very important to muscle building and it will help your muscle get ripped fast in 4 weeks because of the following advantages: The nitric oxide booster supplement provides the appropriate supply of nitric oxide in the bodybuilder’s body, improving oxygen and blood flow. Increased blood flow helps carry the nutrients of the food you eat to the muscles […]

Take Advantage of the Best Muscle Building Workout Schedule

When it comes to muscle building, serious muscle builders often asked questions like “how many reps one should perform” and “how often should one train.” Well, they certainly have good reasons for asking so. Perhaps, they are still confused and want a concrete routine to follow for their muscle building plan. Knowing the answers for these questions will be of great help. You must first understand that muscle building is a continuous process which means you will never be “through”. So the question is where in the continuum are you? This is the first variable that needs to be clarified. The next variable revolves around mass continuum. This is because muscle is described as metabolically active tissue. You need to maintain the shape of your body but it requires continuous efforts. If you have sufficient muscle mass, this indicates that more training is needed. If you don’t train, the strong […]

How To Get Those Muscle Ripped Fast In Just 30 Days At Your Own Home

Many are still wondering if getting ripped at home is possible and if doing it in just 30 days is achievable. Well, this might sound next to impossible but it is true that you can get rid of that unflattering body fat in 4 weeks in the comfort of your own home. Yes, this sounds crazy but feasible. Here are some of the things that you can try. This is effective especially for those who feel like going to the gym is such a hassle. Get yourself the appropriate workout stuff like workout outfit and equipment. Workout outfit. It is best to choose what you are comfortable to wear especially if you will be really sweaty. You have to wear clothes that will not be a bother when you do your routines. Workout equipment. This include those that can  be easily acquired like different weights of dumb bells, a barbell, […]

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