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  • Increase Muscle Growth*
  • Longer Workouts*
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professional bodybuilders

Take Advantage of the Best Muscle Building Workout Schedule

When it comes to muscle building, serious muscle builders often asked questions like “how many reps one should perform” and “how often should one train.” Well, they certainly have good reasons for asking so. Perhaps, they are still confused and want a concrete routine to follow for their muscle building plan. Knowing the answers for these questions will be of great help. You must first understand that muscle building is a continuous process which means you will never be “through”. So the question is where in the continuum are you? This is the first variable that needs to be clarified. The next variable revolves around mass continuum. This is because muscle is described as metabolically active tissue. You need to maintain the shape of your body but it requires continuous efforts. If you have sufficient muscle mass, this indicates that more training is needed. If you don’t train, the strong […]

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