We are joining the Federal Trade Commission in warning consumers about deceptive online marketing related to free trial offers that necessitate people to cancel or opt-out of a recurring charge for future products or services. The free trial feature, also known as a “negative option” is when a company takes a consumer’s failure to cancel a free trial offer as permission to begin charging for the service.

While some businesses use this billing process appropriately, many pre-check consent boxes, bury specific detail in fine print, terms and conditions, and make cancellations or returns difficult, landing people in a cycle of recurring charges for products and services they do not want.

Many similar products like ours offer risk free trials where a customer pays a small shipping and handing fee anywhere from $.99 up to $6.95 for a 14 day risk free trial and after 14 days, if you did not cancel your monthly membership you would be billed anywhere from $60 to $100, depending on the product you sign up. Most consumers take the free trial as it seems so appealing. But now that the company has your credit card on file, the free trial converts to automatic shipments, and there begins the problem of having your credit card charged automatically per month for a much higher fee than the product may be worth. It can be impossible to call and cancel your order, and by the time that happens you can be charged numerous times. Due to the terms and conditions that the customer agrees to when agreeing to try the risk free trial offer, it is usually impossible to get refunded for all that money.

No one can afford to lose that kind of money in this economy. That is why we are offering a quality product like Nitrocut® at the best and fairest rate possible, so you get what you pay for—no scams. We believe so strongly in our product that we don’t feel the need to scam people by offering free trials. When you order Nitrocut®, it comes with an absolute 60 day money back guarantee, no strings attached (just pay return s&h).