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Knee Braces

Ultimate Knee Support Brace With Adjustable Velcro

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Durable & Breathable Neoprene Sleeve With Open Patela Design For Arthritis, ACL, Running, Sports & Joint Pain | Non-Slip & Comfortable Stabilizer

  • REINFORCE YOUR KNEE JOINTS: Feel safe to move your knee again with no pain or stress during intense exercise and heavy activity. This open patella knee brace stabilizes the joint and relieves acute and chronic knee pain from ACL, meniscus or patella injuries; absolutely perfect for recovery or prevention of sports injuries.
  • ELASTIC, COMFORTABLE & DURABLE: Unlike so many other knee braces out there, this one is not stiff or uncomfortable in any way. It supports your knee by allowing for full range of motion and it’s designed for any use and abuse in order to last for a very long time. You will wish you bought it months ago!
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE, ADVANCED ORTHOPAEDIC DESIGN: With its non-slip silicone strips on the top and bottom you can rest assured that this knee compression brace will stay firmly into place and the two side stabilizers will provide maximum support for your knees. Plus, the Velcro strapping will allow you to adjust the tension where and when you need it!
  • BREATHABLE & PREMIUM NEOPRENE MATERIAL: Made from extra-thick, quality neoprene material, this knee support brace is extremely lightweight and breathable, yet flexible and durable at the same time. It provides maximum comfort and does not restrict range of motion so that you can enjoy life to the fullest!
  • SAVE YOUR KNEES, 100% GUARANTEED: These knee braces is your best bet to recover from old injuries or prevent new ones during your sports sessions or daily activities. In fact, we use it ourselves all the time, which is exactly why we want you to get in touch with us if you are not entirely satisfied with your order and we’ll make it right!

Product Description

Tired of knee pain ruining your chance for a pain-free life and happy sports activities?

Are you trying to recover from that ACL or meniscus tear but you’re just too afraid your knees are compromised?

Either way, all you need is a bit more support and stabilization which is exactly why we are proud to present…

The Ultimate Knee Support Brace That Will Protect & Relieve Your Chronic & Acute Knee Pain Immediately!

Made from premium neoprene material, this knee brace features an open patella design to allow for more breathability and more importantly…full range of motion!

By being super-thick and elastic at the same time, it will not restrict your knees’ full range of motion and it will allow you to stay fully competitive in your sport or crush your intense running and gym workouts!

Stays Securely Into Place

For this premium knee brace, we’ve decided to include two non-slip silicon strips on the top and bottom in order to ensure that it won’t come off during running or during your daily activities.

Wear it discreetly under your clothes and stay confident in your knee safety knowing that your knees are now supported by two side stabilizers that are meant to provide maximum support and protection.

Conforms To Your Needs

Featuring a resilient Velcro strap, this knee brace will allow you to fully adjust the tension as you see fit!

And the best part? We wanted to offer you the best possible patella compression brace and with this one we know we’ve hit the spot!

Make a purchase that makes sense and stop wasting money in braces that are just too uncomfortable, ineffective and definitely not worth your money or time!

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