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10 Best Chest Workouts You Shouldn’t Miss

10 Best Chest Workouts You Shouldn’t Miss When the focus is your chest, many exercises are out there for you. While it’s true that you can’t try all the existing chest exercises in a single session, you can add the best chest workouts to your weekly chest program. But how do you know which moves will produce the biggest mass and muscle? We’ve done the work for you and selected the top chest growth workouts which create a muscular chest. No doubts, when you have the right moves in your arsenal, you’re well on the way to building your dream chest. As a result, this post explains the intrinsic information about chest workouts and carefully describes the top 10 chest workouts. Note that these exercises aren’t tough workouts that require intense effort. Instead, they are some of the easiest chest exercises with the most results. We encourage you to replace your old chest moves with the exercises below. Without further ado, let’s show you the chest workouts which bring huge size, mass, and muscle.

What are Chest Workouts?

Chest workouts are aimed at producing a muscular chest. The chest muscle known as the pectoralis major has two key areas – the upper pecs and the lower pecs. When building the upper pectoral area, there’s an emphasis on the ancient Greek and Roman ideal. The classic physical appearance was one which had an artistic side to it, making men look both fully masculine and strong. Working the upper chest allows you to produce a toned and perky chest which erases all forms of weakness. In recent times, more men have become interested in building well-defined chests. This is not only because the media celebrates bodybuilding, but also because well-built chests improve fashion fitness and self-confidence. Hence, rather than parade a tiny chest with no muscles, men and women are spending more time at the gym or in their homes. Why? The goal is to replace those not-working chest exercises with effective chest moves which work all their muscles from different angles. Again, some claim that workouts could tear the shoulder or cause chest pain. Yet, results by bodybuilders show that the best chest workouts produce muscular pectorals. And these constitute the biggest sign of strength, not weakness, especially when performed correctly. In this next subheading, we give you many reasons to perform chest workouts. Don’t miss it.

Are Chest Workouts Good?

The importance of chest growth exercises is immense. First, the best chest workouts sculpt your pectorals so that you look well-defined and built. Unexciting chest exercises such as the regular bench press may not give you the full benefits. But with the right of bench press such as incline bench press, dumbbell bench press, and reverse grip bench press, you can begin to see changes in your middle, lower, and upper pecs. In addition, doing the right chest workouts increases your strength levels. Usually, the chest exercises are pushing movements which cause your muscles to contract either from top to bottom or from a lower point to a higher one. Many times, the varieties of the bench press are what produce impressive results in bodybuilders and weight lifters. The right amount of chest exercises improves your ability to lift loads and pull/push. There’s hardly a day we don’t open and close doors in our home or offices. Your car door isn’t an exception. Now, regular chest workouts entail strengthening your perks so that when you push or pull, your pecs provide ample support for the weight. Furthermore, a bigger chest improves your posture and height. With your chest muscle being well-built and shaped, your shoulders and back tend to sit well and your entire body embraces a taller look and feel.

Best Chest Workouts for Mass

· Dumbbell Squeeze Press

This chest exercise makes it to the list of our best chest workouts because of its emphasis on your pecs. Of course, when trying to build muscle, you should engage in exercises which require a plethora of motion. As a result, the dumbbell squeeze press demands that you squeeze the dumbbells with your pectorals and nothing else. How-To-Perform – Lie flat on a bench and grab two dumbbells, one for each hand. Carefully position your legs on each side of the flat bench so that you are properly supported. Now, lift your arms in a straight manner so that the dumbbells go right above your face and come back down to the top of your chest. Ensure that your arms return to the sides of your chest and do not interfere in the landing.

· Incline Bench Press

Unlike the bench press which briefly engages your upper pecs, the incline bench press is a big win. Inasmuch as it’s a tiny bit challenging, it goes a long way to sculpt flat upper pectorals and reduce fleshy parts of the middle chest area. The incline bench press is one of the best chest workouts which allow you to hold much weight while pressing. Besides, it’s a fact that the more pressing you engage in, the wider your muscles get. Thus, you need this move to build that huge chest. How-To-Perform – Get your incline bench and lie on it with your feet firmly on the floor. Grip the barbell with your hands over your head and lift it out of its bar. Place it on your upper chest with your elbows spread out on both sides of your body. Inhale and wait briefly before you extend your arms and raise it up fully.

· Reverse Grip Dumbbell Press

Another chest workout which targets your upper chest is the reverse grip dumbbell press. This chest exercise workout combines the strategies of the earlier two chest workouts. Thus, you should find it easy. You’ll need an incline bench with 30-45 degrees setting and dumbbells for each hand. The reverse grip requires you to hold the weights with your hands facing your direction to strengthen your chest as well as your arms. How-To-Perform – Start by sitting on the incline bench and holding a dumbbell in each hand. Push out the weight in front of you with your elbows returning to the sides of your chest. Next, lower your back to the flat bench and press the weights away from you and back to your chest. Note that it’s important to wait for a full count before you stretch your arms again.

· Push-Up

Are you interested in the best chest workouts without equipment? Or do you need chest exercises which you can perform easily at home? The push-up is perfect. All you need to perform this good-old exercise is YOU, just your body and flexibility. The beauty of the push-up is that it serves multiple purposes. It targets your pectoralis major, triceps, anterior deltoids, and core muscles. This chest workout when performed in the right position can improve all three areas of the chest (middle, upper, and lower). How-To-Perform – The most important factor for pushups is a good, hard ground. Irrespective of whether you’re at home or in a hotel, you can perform this exercise without weights. Simply, perform plank with your feet side by side and your toes hitting the floor. Extend your elbows with your arms wide apart than your shoulders and facing the floor. Tighten your abs and bend your elbows to lower your height until your chest touches the floor slightly. Push your body up slowly with your arms still facing down and repeat the exercise.

· Seated Machine Chest Press

The seated machine chest press focuses on your pecs while you conveniently control your push and pull efforts. This chest workout doesn’t depend so much on your deltoid and you can slowly repeat the process. As a great way to build mass and muscle, the seated machine chest press is somewhat easy. It further allows you to relieve your shoulders of most of its support (which is often required in free-weight presses).

Five other chest workouts which will improve your chest muscle include:

  • Chest Dips
  • Chin Up
  • Bent-over Row
  • Incline Dumbbell Flye
  • Decline Bench Press

Do Chest Exercises Increase Breast Size?

This popular question is often on the mind of women who consider chest workouts. But here’s the deal: chest exercises can make your breasts look larger but they may not increase in size. Yes, breasts don’t contain muscles. But the muscles in your chest, shoulder, and back play a great role in how your breasts appear. The firmness of the muscles in these areas can provide great support for your breast and reduce chances of sagging. Thus, engaging in exercises such as palm press, wall press, and dumbbell lying row can improve your breast appearance, not size.

Wrapping Up Chest Workouts

In summary, chest workouts are great for defining, toning, and strengthening your chest muscles. Are you eager to look and feel more masculine – bigger and stronger? Include these 10 best chest workouts in your routine and you’ll see massive results in no time. Remember to eat right and use the best supplements including NITROCUT. For most posts on building muscles, check here.
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