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I am a grandmother of 3 and a trainer. NITROCUT helped me get back on track. So loving your product and my clients GET IT.. they see the difference it made. I highly recommend NITROCUT.

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I’m a huge believer in pre-workouts. I’ve tried several and know that not all are created equal. So far I am very happy with this Nitrocut pre-workout.

In order to keep your body from getting used to one certain product, i like to cycle through a handful of pre workouts at about 4 month intervals. I will definitely be adding this to my workout supplement routine.

Gives you a great burst of energy without feeling sick or overly jittery. This pre workout was exactly what I want, extra energy for my 2 hour cardio and weight lifting session and allows. Extra energy then lends to heavier lifts and better strength training.

Super happy with this and would definitely recommend it. I will be happy to continue to purchase this in the future.


Nitrocut has helped me reach the next level of weight lifting. It really does give you a boost to get those extra reps in that you might have struggled with prior to. I take it every day, 4 on workout days and 1 a day on days off. It gives you a nice boost of energy and theres no caffeine, which means you feel fine after a couple of hours.

I would totally recommend Nitrocut. My girlfriend is all about it to, after seeing the results!

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I was initially skeptical because in the past, supplements have had minimal effect and made me feel jittery. Nitrocut works though. I’ve noticed my energy level go up, and my work outs last longer. It doesn’t have any caffeine or anything to make me feel jittery, just a natural boost of energy. I’m also starting to see some cuts and more muscle definition. I take it 45 minutes before my workout. I’m impressed. Highly recommend!

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I bought Nitrocut, needing something that would give me muscle pump and want to go work out. I find myself going to the gym more regularly and getting a better workout, feeling pumped after I take it. I’ll definitely be ordering another supply.


I am extremely satisfied with this product. As a medical professional and exercise enthusiast, I carefully consider every supplement I take. I have researched and tried many different products, and Nitrocut is my top choice. Many different pre-workout supplements I used made me feel “jittery” or “wired” followed a “crash”, however, I have not experienced this with Nitrocut. What I have observed while taking Nitrocut is a significant improvement in my workout endurance and couldn’t be happier. I follow the provided directions carefully and for me, 2 capsules before each workout is perfect. I have also noticed staying hydrated while taking Nitrocut helps with my endurance and recovery time. I highly recommend this product for anybody seeking to improve their exercise endurance and reduce their recovery time.

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I’ve been with and using Nitrocut since the beginning and absolutely love this product if you actually look on the main site I’m one of the video testimonials from years ago. I honestly stand by this product because it does what it say and provide the most amazing results through the cleanest and most efficient ways out there. If you’re looking for a new preworkout supplement to give you that little extra in your day or at the gym then you need Nitrocut in your day because anyone I introduced this product to fell in love with it as well and it speaks for itself so don’t take my word for it and try yourself now by placing your own order.


Love this stuff. I was in a state of plateau. I work out 4 days a week. When I received the pills, I started them on an off week just to get them into my system. Durning my following workout week I continued the pills and noticed a significant pump increase which in turn lead to a more swole look after my workout. Normally this appearance goes away after a few hours but it stayed well into bed time which was a nice surprise. Soreness was minimal and believe me I lift heavily and intensely! This product was a great change up for me. I already have an athletic build, yet, these helped me become more defined via furthering my maximum pump range and recovery aid.


My husband is only in his thirties but a prescription he had been taking for pain had some negative side effects in our sex life.
On his road to recovery from said pain (carpal tunnel) he began working out again and body building. Thus leading him to this supplement.
And we were surprised to find that it inadvertently helped the erectile dysfunction he was having due to the pain meds.
And I am a very happy wife again. Wow. Loooooots of blood flow. Lots.

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Hello, after a bout with cancer I had lost a lot of weight. I had not been exercising or even doing much of anything for awhile before that since I didn’t know how sick I was and had lost much of my muscle mass what little thee was to begin with. It turned out to be more than cancer alone that had me so sick. Instead of throwing in the towel I decided to fight back and kicked both of them but looked like I needed to get in shape so I researched what would help me in an exercise program to get back on track. It would include weight training and cardio workouts with a moderate diet. Watching all kinds of videos on health I came across this product that was claimed to be a cut above the others in it’s field. After reading the ingredient list I found nothing I should be concerned about and decided to give it a go. And so I did, exercising regularly, lifting weights, running and other cardio workouts. Soon my muscle mass began to grow more than what’s it’s been. After watching and reading I set up a little home gym, kicking out whatever was in my way. The couch had to go and the TV. I had never been educated in how good you can feel when you get in shape but now I know. I was able to hit my targets and not go to far. I already was showing muscle mass where there never had been any before. Even at my age a chest and shoulders can be built up, a stomach tightened and outlined with abs. Legs can show definition along with arms. Anything that didn’t look like it hadn’t been used can be activated and pushed to the limit. What do I have to lose? Nothing. I plan on continuing with Nitrocut just to maintain my health.

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Results were great. More energy and stamina during the workouts. And body changes were noticeable.

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Phenomenal over all results!!! Lots of energy, wish i didn’t stop taking it. Would’ve been well past my goal by now if I didn’t!!! But it’s never to late to start again!!!

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Since taking them I have gained more muscle and I feel a whole lot stronger

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I’ve been taking Nitrocut for 3 years now consistently. I had previously used stimulating pre-workouts with loads of caffein to get my through my workouts and Nitrocut, though it is not a stimulant, works far better than the stimulants. It gives you an incredible pump and helps you push through weight that may have been your max as if it was a normal set of lower weight.

I stopped taking all pre-workouts, including Nitrocut, for around 5 months, as I wanted to see how I would work out without any supplements. Let me tell you, once I started taking Nitrocut again I felt like I had been wasting my last 5 months of workouts. Sounds a bit extreme, I know, but this stuff really does help you keep going in the gym.

A side benefit is it will keep you pumped for hours or even a day after working out. I also noticed it makes me more vascular.

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