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10 Struggles Every Fit Girl Goes Through

Fitgirl A fitgirl makes everything look easy, but the struggle to maintain their fit physique is harder than it looks. You might think fit girls are just lucky; they have better genes, more discipline, never crave sweets. Think again. Being a fit woman takes months and years of hard work, and the hard work doesn’t stop when you reach a goal. The truth is, when you finally become a “fitgirl” you’ll feel good, appreciate your awesome new body, and your confidence will soar. But you’ll also experience a whole new set of problems. Just when you reach a new fitness goal, it’s time to create another. Finally ran a half marathon? It’s time to start training for a full marathon. Squatted your goal weight for the first time? Well, now you’ll have a new, higher goal weight to work up to. Goals are meant to keep you pushing yourself, so when you achieve one goal, you set a new one and start pushing yourself to new limits. This means that once you finally become a fit girl, you have to work even harder to maintain that level of fitness.

Here Are 10 Problems Every FitGirl Has to Deal With:

1. Everyone Talks About Your Body and It Might Not All Be Positive

Fitgirl feeling amazing You finally reached your fit girl goals, you feel amazing, and you look amazing, but now you feel like you’re constantly being analyzed and your confidence starts to dwindle. This kind of attention usually comes from men who can’t decide if they find your muscles intimidating or attractive, and women who don’t know if they admire you or are jealous of you. There is also a good amount of complimenting your new body, but it can feel a little awkward when strangers start complimenting your arms. Then there are the open people who don’t mind telling you exactly what they think about your new body. Ever heard a man tell you that you look like a guy with all those muscles? So have a lot of other , but they’re wrong and it’s all just a part of the fit girl struggle. If you’ve ever dealt with any of these body shaming issues, just refocus on your own personal fitness goals, and keep lifting and building those muscles. Being strong doesn’t make you manly or intimidating, are just as powerful and they make you healthy and beautiful. Keep all of that confidence you feel every time you reach a new goal in the gym and ignore anyone who has anything negative to say about your new body.

2. Your Clothes No Longer Fit

Clothes No Longer Fit This is a seriously annoying fitgirl struggle. You’ve lost fat but gained muscle weight and your clothes no longer fit the same. You probably assumed you would drop a size or two, but instead you turned into a beautiful and apparently nobody makes clothes for girls with the perfect round butt and tiny waist. this usually leaves with all kinds of clothing fit problems like a big gap in the back of their pants. Dresses and button-ups might not fit comfortably anymore either, but the good news is that never look out of place in a pair of leggings and a tank top. Rock your fitgirl gym uniform, and love your new biceps, abs, and toned booty.

3. Hunger is at a Whole New Level

Whole New Level Muscles need food to and a lot of it. The bigger your muscles get and the more time you spend in the gym, the more food your body needs for energy, muscle building, and recovery. It can start to become annoying when you’re constantly hungry, but it’s your body’s way of telling you that it needs more fuel for those muscles. Your hunger can be even more annoying if you live a busy lifestyle and are constantly on the go, but a lot of make time for food and fitness amongst their busy lives, and you can too. When food prepping and healthy eating starts to get annoying, just remember why you started in the first place and all those side effects of being constantly hungry will start to disappear. If you’re constantly battling hunger on the go, then you should always have go-to snacks packed or stored at your desk at work. Meal prepping on the weekends can also be a big help so you have lunch ready to grab on your way out the door in the morning and dinner ingredients ready to be thrown together in just a few minutes when you go home in the evening. Fueling your body takes a lot of work, but it’s the only way to maintain your body. It’s especially important for busy who are always on-the-go. Prevent emergency snacking on unhealthy processed foods by always taking healthy snacks with you for when hunger strikes.

4. Rough Hands

Rough Hands Lifting weights brutal on your soft and beautiful hands. Barbells and weight machines cause blisters and calluses, hardening your hands and leaving you with constantly healing blisters. Nail polish also gets quickly destroyed in the gym, ruining your perfect manicure every few days. your friends and co-workers are used to seeing your beat up hands and know it’s just a part of being a .

5. Comparing Yourself to Other FitGirls

Other Fit Girls It’s hard not to compare yourself to other at the gym who have tighter abs or bigger biceps, but there will always be someone who has reached their fitness goals faster or easier than you. This is just part of human nature, so you should focus on your own goals and be proud that you are working hard every day to achieve them. There is likely someone else in the gym looking at you and envying your body and workout abilities too. Everyone achieves their goals at different rates, and some people have to work harder than others to get the same desired look.

6. You Become a Role Model or Fitness Guru Among Friends and Family

Fitness Guru Now that your friends and family think you know everything there is to know about fitness, you feel even more pressure to keep up your fitgirl physique. They want to know exactly how you became a fitgirl, and suddenly it feels like you’ve become a personal trainer to all your friends and family. You can’t enjoy cheat meals in their company and punish yourself every time you miss a workout because of the pressure to maintain your body. This is how reach though, so go easy on yourself and know that your friends and family don’t want you to push yourself too hard either.

7. Feeling Gassy During a Workout

Gassy During a Workout Right when you get the barbell in the perfect spot and you’re ready to get down low into a squat, you start to feel that uncomfortable pressure in your stomach. All fitness girls know that the fear of farting comes at the worst times like at the bottom of a squat or in the middle of the downward dog at yoga class. It happens to everyone, but the best way to avoid it is by watching what you eat before a workout. If you plan to hit the gym right after work then a burrito probably isn’t the best choice for lunch.

8. It Feels Impossible to Shave Your Armpits

Shave Your Armpits There are a lot of muscles around the armpit – biceps, lats, pecs, and delts. When these muscles start to grow, your armpit becomes a series of hills and nooks that feel impossible to reach with a razor. This isn’t a problem for everyone, but for some it becomes their biggest problem. Some women just might have to resort to getting their armpits waxed by a professional.

9. Constant Need to Pee

Need to Pee This is one of the least talked about problems because bladder problems can be an awkward and uncomfortable topic. But all know that jump squats and jumping jacks can wreak havoc on the pelvic floor and cause some urine slip-ups. Kegels are a great exercise for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, helping to prevent this problem, but panty liners and pads can be a lifesaver for avoiding embarrassing situations if you’re prone to leaks during your workouts. This is also a problem you should consult with your doctor about if you want to find other ways to strengthen your pelvic floor.

10. Say Goodbye to Big Boobs

Big Boobs Breast enhancement procedures are popular in the fitness world for a reason: your boobs often disappear when you start becoming a . This varies based on genetics and body fat, but many cause fat to disappear from the breasts first. It can be sad to kiss your breasts goodbye, but your other muscle gains might make you quickly forget about it. biceps!
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