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10 Yoga Exercises for Men


Yoga Exercises to Build Muscle Fast?

Yoga is a tried, tested, and true form of exercise. Its origin dates back as far as the 17th century although there are mentions of it prior to that. More commonly known for being practised in India, Yoga made its way throughout the world and is now a household term. One of the biggest misconceptions about yoga poses is that it’s mostly for women and involves different stretching poses. At first glance it may appear that way, but rest assured that yoga is much, much more than that. If utilized properly, it can be an intense workout for men and women alike. With that being said, here are some of the best yoga exercises for men to try their hand at. What You Need:
  • Loose fitted clothing or stretchy spandex
  • A yoga mat or soft, non slip surface
  • A quiet atmosphere

1) Warrior One Pose

warriorone The Warrior One pose is a great exercise for working the core, legs, back, and arms all at the same time. Stand with your feet wide and your hands touching at your chest. Slowly, with controlled breath and muscles, slide your feet to point to the side, bending your front leg at the knee, and extend your arms out. Hold this yoga pose for 1-2 minutes before sliding back to your center and switching to the other side and repeating.

2) Crane Pose

crane Place your hands flat on the mat or floor, shoulder width apart. Extend your bottom into the air, feet on the ground. When you’ve found your balance, begin to bend your elbows and slowly start to rest your weight onto your arms and lift your feet off of the floor. Do so until you can rest your knees on the backs of your arms in this yoga exercises for men. Eventually, you will be supporting your entire body on your hands. Hold for 1-2 minutes. If you want to use yoga to build muscle, this is one of the better yoga poses.

3) Boat Pose

boat One of the more popular yoga poses for men to build muscle. Lay down on the mat with your back flat to the floor. Bring yourself up into a seated position and extend your arms out in front of your body. Ease back on an inclined angle while lifting your legs off of the floor, keeping them straight and together. By now you will be forming a V shape with your body, engaging your core, and supporting your balance with your outstretched arms.

4) Meditation Pose

meditativepose Although most yoga practioners will skip over this exercise because it appears to be too easy or not challenging enough for the body, the Meditation Pose is actually quite the opposite. This move is all about exercising the mind and testing your control over it. So it can be one of the best yoga exercises for men. Sit upright on the mat or floor, legs criss-crossed in front of you. Rest the backs of your hands on the tops of your knees. Keeping your back and shoulders straight, focus on shutting out the world and letting your entire body relax. It’s much harder than you think. Our brains fight the urge to be turned off.

5) Triangle Pose

triangle The Triangle pose is excellent for stretching your body and working the back and leg muscles. Stand on the mat with your feet spread wide and turn your torso towards your right leg. With your right arm, reach it down to touch your right foot and extend your left arm up into the air. Hold for 1-2 minutes and then bring yourself back up and repeat with the left side.

6) Plank Pose

plank The Plank pose is the ultimate test of core strength. It’s definitely one of the best yoga exercises for men. Lay face down on your yoga mat. Prop your body up with your toes and hands, as if to do a push up. Keeping your back straight and your core engaged, hold the pose for as long as you can. Most first timers can’t get past 2 minutes, it’s a tough pose to hold. Once you’ve mastered it, step it up a level by lowering your body down from your hands to rest on your forearms.

7) Bridge Pose

bridgepose These are great yoga exercises for men or stretching pose. Lay down with your back to the mat. Place your feet firmly on the floor which will prop your knee up. Then proceed to reach your arms up over your head and rest the palms of your hands on the floor there. Next, lift your behind off the floor until your torso forms a straight line. As kids this was called a crab walk. But holding this pose for 1-2 minutes is called The Bridge pose in yoga.

8) Cobra Pose

cobra Lay down face first to the floor. Place your hands flat against the mat in front of you, a little less than shoulder width apart. Keeping your legs straight, begin to lift your upper body up by extending your arms and curving your back.

9) Shoulder Stand Pose

shoulderstand This doesn’t appear like it does much, other than hurt your back. But if done properly, it actually helps your back and works your abs. Lay flat on your back and slide your hands under the small of your back, gripping the area just above your hips. Prop your body up and extend your legs straight into the air, resting your weight on your shoulders. Hold for 1-2 minutes.

10) Tree Pose

treepose Stand straight with one of your feet resting on the inside thigh of the opposite leg. Hold your hands together in front of your chest, elbows out, and attempt to hold this pose for 1-2 minutes. You can extend your arms up above your head for better balance until you’ve mastered the move. It also helps to work different part of your abs. So start trying out some of these yoga exercises for men today and add another variant to your workout routine to make a difference.
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