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12 Best Home Gym Equipment You Should Have

12 Best Home Gym Equipment You Should Have If you would rather work out at home than at the gym (where gym membership matters and people might know you), getting the best home gym equipment might just be the way to go. Working out for your personal health shouldn’t necessarily be something that you have to do with other people or in an open space. Are you looking to build bigger muscles and achieve your desired body shape? You can achieve your goals in your home with the right equipment for the ideal workout routine.

Top-Rated Home Gym Equipment

1. NordicTrack T Treadmill

NordicTrack is the biggest brand name as far as cardiovascular fitness goes, and the T series is all-encompassing. The T Treadmill, model NTL17915, is the best treadmill for doing cardio right. One of the most fascinating features of this treadmill is its 20”X55” tread length size which offers maximum flexibility. Also, working out becomes more entertaining with the built-in MP3 player dock for your perfect tunes and the digital incline adjustment system. NordicTrack T treadmill has incline capabilities that target specific muscle groups and gives you well-rounded cardio training with programs designed by expert fitness trainers.

2. Universal UB300 Adjustable Bench

The ideal home gym equipment for working every part of your body is the Adjustable Bench by Universal. Weighing only 39.4 pounds, this bench can fit into five positions and can take all your tough workouts without falling out of position. Working your legs, core, arms and getting the right tone becomes easier with this bench as it works on your hamstrings and keeps you in place with the stabilizers. You equally get the freedom to exercise in any angle and focus your strength training on specific areas of your body. Since this bench is perfect for hardwood or carpet surfaces, you have little to worry about. The setting-up time (18 minutes), though, may be a lot of time if you don’t have the whole day to spare for a full-body workout.

3. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym for 50+ Strength Training Exercises

This total-body home gym operates on the Quick Change Power Rod System instrad of cables. You get to perform more than 50 gym-quality exercises and still feel comfortable, thanks to the upholstered roller cushions that make curls and leg extensions easy. Also, the pulley system and heavy-duty steel construction frame make the Bowflex the ideal home gym equipment for switching from one exercise to the other. Other invaluable features of the Home Gym are the instructional workout placards, ankle cuffs, and hand grips that enable you to stay flexible as you train an get more workout ideas to boost your overall performance.

4. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

With this adjustable home gym equipment, you don’t have to purchase new dumbbells every single time you decide to go weight training. The adjustable weights (from 10bs to 60lbs) provide you with a customizable workout experience that keeps you on your toes. The comfort grip with contour molding allows an easy hold irrespective of what position you’re in. Additionally, the dumbbells don’t give off the metal banging sound since the molding has been attached right in the middle of the weights.

5. CAP Barbell Pull-Up Bars

Not everyone does their barbell pull-ups right. When you don’t learn the right way, you ruin your form, and your workout ends up being counter-productive. However, CAP saves you the stress. With its double push-up handles for maintaining your form, you can burn midsection calories effortlessly. Added to the bars are anti-slip rubber grips that keep them on the floor, regardless of the surface type. Weighing only 2.1 pounds, it’s a fact that these Barbell Bars won’t occupy much space in your home.

6. Trideer Full-Palm Workout Gloves

Gripping dumbbells or bars for a long period can ultimately hurt your palms or leave them feeling sore. Sometimes, the sweat can tire you out even before you’re ready for your intervals. But Trideer’s Gloves offer the comfort and firm grip you need when you work out. They’re not only affordable, but they also provide light comfort (owing to the breathable mesh interior) and can last several years.

7. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Hanging the Workout Bar somewhere safe and strong in your home is all you need to practice pull-ups. Working your core and obliques become a lot easier with this home gym equipment because you can adjust it to fit three different grip positions. Also, it takes less than 5 seconds to install the bar and you can begin your pull-up or push-up rounds in no time.

8. BalanceFrom’s GoYoga High Density Mat

Do you ever miss practicing yoga when you travel? BalanceFrom’s High Density mat comes with the carrying strap that makes it good for your home or the road. You can lay them for support when using dumbbells and trust them to hold your weight firmly with the double-sided non-slip surface. With a weight of only 1.8 pounds, you can consider this mat the ideal home gym companion. If you’re worried about durability, relax. You can wipe off sweat and dirt using soapy water in a few seconds and its moisture-resistant technology will keep it safe.

9. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

One of our cheapest home gym equipment is the Jump Rope by Survival and Cross. Jumping Rope is an exciting way to lose weight and exercise your thighs and calves without using the bigger or heavier machines. This rope is adjustable, easy to preserve and lightweight so that you don’t feel uncomfortable as you take each jump.

10. Nautilus Elliptical Trainer

Adding this elliptical to your list of home gym equipment will take guts, information, and zeal. Besides the scary fact that it weighs 183 pounds and can be really difficult to move, this elliptical machine comprises DualTrack LCD displays which allow you choose from any of the 22 programs and other modern exercise equipment to spice up your workout. The heart rate monitor has eight settings; hence, you can adjust it to fit and enjoy the adjustable built-in fan for relaxation mid-exercise.

11. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

For lovers of resistance workout, the Recumbent Bike has 25 levels that give you a feel of mountains and hills. The cardio benefits you get with this bike include 29 built-in programs and smoothness that allow you to ride while enjoying the rolling movement. This pseudo-outdoor workout offers a highly-rewarding workout experience that’s better than risking your life in the bad weather.

12. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver

Carving your abs become easier with the Perfect Fitness ab carver built with carbon steel spring and tread wheel which increase resistance. You get to work on your cores while gripping the tread and protecting your palms in the comfort grips. Also, the high-density foam--crafted kneepad prevents injury and other fall accidents. The added free download 21-day workout eBook is a bonus to heighten the workout experience you have every time.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing Home Gym Equipment?

When choosing your home gym equipment, there are specific factors you should take into consideration. These include:
  • Your Workout Routine
  • Durability
  • Your Health Goals
  • The Equipment Quality
  • Your Home Space
  • The Safety of the Equipment
  • Ease of Setting Up
All of these factors should guide you when you decide to buy home gym equipment. Why do you need to work out? Are you aiming for cardio, strength, or full body? If you’re looking to lose weight, you should know what equipment would work best for you. If you prefer to engage in different kinds of exercises, you might want to buy equipment with multiple exercise options. Additionally, you want home gym equipment that are versatile and suitable for different occasions. If should be easy to set up, easy to use, and safe to use.

Necessary Guidelines When Installing Home Gym Equipment

When you do purchase any or all of these home gym equipment, be sure that the space they occupy is wide enough. You don’t want to jam your equipment in one small area only to have them jamming against one another. If you don’t have so much space for big machines, you could try the smaller tools – jump ropes, yoga mats, or dumbbells. Again, if you like to be entertained when you exercise but your machines don’t have the in-built MP3 docks, grab a Bluetooth device. This can also do the trick. For cooling, bring in a large fan or have an air conditioner installed. Finally, ensure that the home gym equipment you choose amplify your workout goals and help you feel healthier than when you initially began.

Bottom Line

The days when you needed a gym membership to look leaner and bigger are gone. Now, you can own a gym in your home. Whether you choose the barbell bars, elliptical machines, adjustable dumbbells, or jump rope, it’s important that you feel comfortable working out. Customize your workout routine with the best home gym equipment of your choice and remember to consider the key factors before making your purchase. With the right equipment in your home gym, you can achieve your health goals on your own terms.
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