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Defy The 3 Most Outrageous Myths On How To Gain Muscle Quickly

The ever growing community of body builders is filled with both men and women that have a great physique. This is usually defined by the following: chiseled biceps, bulging pectorals, well defined six pack abdomen, sculpted hamstrings, strong quadriceps, and firm calves.

But what most people don’t realize is that even though getting ripped and gaining muscle quickly has been part of their lives, that's not their only job. Some of them are professionals from an entirely different field, while others aren’t as old (or even young) as they seem.

Whichever the case may be, they have been successful in disproving the top stereotypes of body building. And if they can do gain muscle quickly, so can anyone with enough passion and will power.

1. I am too skinny (or fat).

Thin or overweight people should never stop dreaming of garnering a great physique. An unusually high metabolic rate, paired with an extreme lack of appetite, shouldn't be a hindrance to gain huge muscles. Neither should the person, whose appetite seems to be never ending, allow himself to fail without even trying.

The notion that skinny people need to gain weight first before they can gain muscle quickly, as well as that of heavy people needing to attain a specific weight before going through any muscle building activity, is untrue. Nutrition and wellness will always come hand in hand. Food and exercise will always be a pair. Nutrients cannot be stored in the body far too long—they are either used immediately, or flushed out of the body as waste.

2. I’m too young (or old).

Age is never a big factor in getting ripped arms, chest, abs, or a ripped body in total. Participants in various body building competitions may have their respective age brackets. When you observe them closely, they never seem to have any difference from each other.

The more important factor to consider instead is health. Any person under medication, or has been previously diagnosed with an illness, should definitely seek first the advice of a medical professional before beginning any strength training routine or switching to a protein-based diet.

3. I don’t have time.

One of the lamest excuses a person could have to to gain muscle quickly is the lack of time.

While allotting time is necessary to ensure maximum muscle growth, time should never be the reason to not become stronger and bigger. There are many muscle building and strengthening routines that can be done at home instead of the gym. There are muscle enhancing recipes and products online that are easy to implement into daily routines.

By negating these myths and implementing easy to follow routines in your day, you can gain muscle quickly and have the strength that you've always wanted.

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