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3 Powerful Workouts, No Equipment Required

Too Lazy for the Gym? No Worries- Check Out These 3 Workouts With No Equipment Needed?

Whether you're looking for workouts that you can do at home, or you've always wanted some quick exercises to do at work, finding techniques to use without the help of equipment can be a great addition to your regular fitness routine. Even if you do enjoy going to the gym, you may not want to wait for equipment to get freed up, or maybe you're just interested in some new challenges based on the classic standards of fitness.

Whatever the case may be, there are three exercises that many of us are already familiar with that actually have some challenging variations that can give you the intensity levels that you're aiming for.


3. Pushups.

If you think pushups are just a one-size-fits-all exercise with no room for variation, think again. The pushup is one of the best exercises that you can do without any equipment, and it's extremely versatile depending on your level of fitness. Changes in leg placement give you the Single-Leg Push up, while simple elevation of your feet on a chair, or even a wall give you more intensity. One arm pushups, clap pushups, and even “simple” changes like the 1.5 push up, wherein you push up half way, descend, and then push up fully, can all add some power to your pushup.

2. Squats.

If there is one exercise that would be considered the “silver bullet” of strength, it is the squat. Squats, on their own, are not only beneficial for your core and leg strength, but they also help to strengthen your back muscles, which can be indispensable if you work at a job that requires a lot of sitting. Body weight alone is often enough to get a lot from a squat exercise, and equipment-free variations aren't many, but changes like the “Bulgarian split squat,” which is a combination lunge and squat with its own set of variations to choose from. An added benefit of squats: They can be done in almost any space.

3. Burpee

A simple combination of the squat and a push up. You begin by doing a squat, and then lowering yourself down to the ground and placing your hands in front of you. Kick your feet back, lower your chest, and do the push up. Bring your feet back to their original place, and stand up. This exercise is a cardio work out, on top of the strength that you build from performing a squat and a push up. Burpee variations include the “Dead man Burpee,” which has you lowering yourself all the way to the ground and then pushing up, and the “Double Burpee,” which involves doing two pushups, or even two squats.

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