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4 Outstanding Chest Exercises

Sick of Your Scrawny Chest? Then Do These 4 Exercises and Change it Now!

Working the chest muscles of the body is fairly common, with chest exercises like the push up and the bench press providing fairly easy to perform, standard exercises for beginners and advanced fitness buffs alike. To get more out of your exercise for chest, there are some very quick and effective variations that you can add to your routine.

Most of these variations can be performed without a gym, as long as you have some equipment at home.


4. The Dumbbell Squeeze Press

Begin by lying on a bench. Hold your dumbbells, with arms straight, and palms facing toward one another. Touch the weights, and press them together as hard as you can. Lower the weights to the sides of your chest, and then push them back up, keeping them squeezed together throughout the motion. Unlike a typical press, you can go as high in weight as you want while keeping your hands and arms held as close as possible with the dumbbell equipment, giving you more tension, and more intensity.

3. Chest Squeeze Pushups

With two dumbbells held close to each other, and handles parallel beneath your chest, get into the pushup position. Arms should be kept straight. Keep the weights pressed together as your raise and lower your body to perform a push up. The added intensity from the tension of your dumbbells being held together keeps your chest tight while you perform this exercise.

2. One Armed Pushup, and Archer Pushups

For one armed pushups, place your hand below the center of your chest, and assume the normal push up position. Raise and lower yourself, keeping your body entirely straight. If you can't perform the one armed push up motion, the archer push up is a halfway point, with your left or right arm held out straight to your side. You can place the side arm on an elevated surface. Switch sides after you have done your repetitions.

1. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Place a bench on a 45 degree incline. Hold the dumbbells in front of your chest, and keep your arms straight. Lower your arms, and then press them back up. The incline gives you some additional stretch with the upper muscles of the body. It's the best chest exercise to implement ito your routine regularly.

Special note: Weighted Pushups

Weighted pushups can be performed through different means, but the most typical type involves placing a sandbag or weight plate on your back when you perform the push up. These get their own category, because they're more of an improvisation on improving the traditional push up. They can also be combined with other types of push up variations, but safety is always something that you should keep in mind.


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