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4 Ways to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Build Muscle For many, the perfect physique is powerful and muscular, while simultaneously being lean and toned. If given the choice, many of us would choose to have more muscle on our frames, and much less body fat. Burning fat is tough, building muscle is even harder, but doing both at the same time? Well, that is a feat which is harder than ever. As tough as it may be, it is possible to build muscle while burning fat, you simply need to know what you’re doing. Here we’ll be taking a look at 4 ways to build muscle and burn fat, so you can build the body you’ve always wanted. Clean up your diet – First up, if you’re looking to drop fat while building muscle, your diet will need to be cleaned up. This means nothing processed, no junk, no takeout, no alcohol, and nothing too calorific. To build muscle, you need plenty of lean proteins, as well as some healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates for fuel. You also need to ensure you’re taking in plenty of fresh vegetables which are packed full of nutrients essential for optimal health and well-being. Increase your volume – When you train in the gym, often you simply go through the motions and will get into the routine of performing the same workouts, for the same number of sets and reps, week in and week out. To increase muscle mass however, you will need to step up your game and shock your muscles into new growth. A great way of doing this is to increase your training volume. This means you should simply perform more exercises, or more reps, or more sets, and use different weights, every time you train. Instead of doing the same workouts, always try to push yourself that little bit harder, and do slightly more, every single time you train. The increase in volume also means you are working harder, so you will burn more calories, and subsequently you will lose more body fat. Steady state cardio – Cardio and fat loss are synonymous with one another, and even though you also want to build muscle, you must ensure you are doing cardio each week to help drop your body fat percentages. Steady state cardio is ideal for fat loss and muscle maintenance because, although you burn calories, you aren’t working too hard, so your body will not tap into your muscle stores for a quick burst of energy. A steady walk on the treadmill, or around the block a few times per week, should be enough to help you slowly drop your body fat levels, without hindering your muscle gains. Don’t skip meals – If you thought starvation was the key to weight loss, then think again. When we skip meals, our metabolisms slow down so we have less energy, and we find it harder to burn calories and lose weight. To speed up your metabolism eat several small and healthy meals every single day. This keeps your metabolism well fuelled so you burn more calories and have more energy to train, so it’s a win-win. Aim to eat a healthy and balanced meal every three hours.
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