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4 Ways to Boost Your Vascularity

4 Ways to Boost Your Vascularity When it comes to physical perfection, most people agree that a lean and slightly vascular physique cannot be beaten. Generally speaking, the more vascular you are the leaner and more defined you tend to look. Have you ever noticed that some people have visible and prominent veins on their body, whereas others have little vascularity whatsoever? There’s just something about that much sought-after bicep vein that helps gives a physique that finishing touch and helps make it look that little bit better and more defined. Genetics do play a massive role in determining how vascular a person looks but there are ways of naturally enhancing vascularity as well. Here are some top examples: Reduce your body fat – To begin with, if you want to look vascular then you need to ensure that you drop enough body fat in order to reveal the veins hiding underneath those layers of fat. Ordinarily, experts recommend dropping down into single digit body fat percentages although some people can get away with being slightly higher in body fat if they’re just looking for that all-important bicep vein. To get those veins to really stand out however, you must ensure you get as lean as you can and that will mean getting down to single digit body fat percentages. Make sure you get a good pump – If you really want your veins to stand out you must ensure that when you’re training that you get yourself a great pump. Muscle pumps are nothing more than an increase in cell volume within the muscles due to an increase in water and oxygen being forced in via the blood. When you train to get a pump you force more blood into the muscles and as this blood is carried via the veins, the more blood you force into them the more your veins will stand out. A muscle pump doesn’t last very long, but it will give you one fantastic opportunity to snap an awesome post-workout selfie in the gym. Use Nitric Oxide supplements – Nowadays you’ll find that more and more supplements contain Nitric Oxide, or NO for short, but why is this? Well in actual fact the reason why so many supps contain NO is because NO boosts circulation. NO acts as a vasodilator which means that it causes the veins and blood vessels in the body to dilate and expand. As they become bigger they allow more blood to be carried around the body. This means more oxygen and nutrients can be deliver to the cells in the muscles which results in an increase in athletic output. It also means that the veins become bigger and more prominent because they have expanded and are so full of blood, meaning that your vascularity also improves. Build more muscle – Have you ever noticed how the more muscular a person looks, the more vascular they tend to look? This is because muscle requires more blood and more nutrients to be maintained. This increase in demand results in an increase in blood flow and circulation which again means that the veins swell and expand. So, the next time you’re thinking about switching your weight training session for a cardio session just think about your poor veins.
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