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6 Shockingly Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Cutting down your body fat is a fight against biology-- your body just doesn't want to let go of those precious reserves, and that's how humanity's survived long journeys, harsh conditions, and cold weather for hundreds of thousands of years. Times have changed, though, and we now have more than enough fat, and calories. Even worse, we have too many. Until genetics can catch up, there are a few smart, safe and easy ways to lose weight.


6. Cut Out Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages can rack up the calories fast. A single 12 ounce can of beer can be anywhere from 120 to 400 calories, or more. Shots of liquor aren't often much better, with a single shot glass of whiskey accounting for as much as 150 calories. On top of the calorie crunch, calories from alcohol actually take priority in processing over other sources, which are quickly converted into fat. Cutting down on alcohol is an easy way to lose weight.

5. Get More Sleep

Sleep is your body's natural way of setting your hormone and metabolism levels. If you aren't getting enough sleep, your body isn't processing calories at its best. You're also more likely to snack if you're a night owl.

4. Eat Breakfast

Studies have shown that at least 20 grams of protein in the morning have an overwhelmingly positive effect on both your metabolism and your sense of being “full” throughout the day. A light breakfast of eggs (8-10g of protein per) is usually more than enough if you're the type of person that normally skips out. So count this in as one of your easy ways to lose weight- and it's delicious!

3. Find Lighter Recipes

Some more enterprising bodybuilders are practically dedicated to the fine art of recreating their favorite meals and desserts in low calorie, high protein, and most importantly, flavorful alternatives. Even something as seemingly counterintuitive as cheesecake can be recreated with protein powder, no-fat cream cheese, Stevia, and other ingredients. If it can be done with cheesecake, the sky is the limit.

2. Drink Water

Deceptively simple, but dehydration can lead to a false sense of hunger, which in turn leads to you eating more often. Staying hydrated keeps you feeling more satisfied with your meal, in addition to helping your body to balance its acidity levels, creating a more conductive environment for health, and weight loss.

1. Add to Your Diet

And the top easy way to lose weight. Taking away the foods that you love is a great recipe for disaster. Instead of denying yourself your favorites, take a diet as an opportunity to find new foods to add, or to replace sweets with fruits and yogurts. Crunchy vegetables with salt and olive oil are a definite suggestion, as are baked chips. When in doubt, go spicy. Those thermogenic compounds are also great fat busters.

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