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Stick with THESE Arm Exercises to Get Sleeve Busting Arms!

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Ready for the key to bigger arms that pop out of the sleeves of your T-shirts?

Focus on both the biceps and the triceps equally.

See, too many guys think that biceps are what big arms are all about. But the truth is, it's the triceps that actually make up MORE of your arm. It's a 3-headed muscle, as opposed to 2 for the bicep.

Most guys only think of working the biceps to get bigger, noticeable arms that get attention. But the triceps are equally important.

There's another big key, too. And that's to focus on using basic, heavy compound movements like barbell curls, standing alternating dumbbell curls, lying tricep extensions, close grip bench press, and tricep pushdowns on the cable machine.

Stick with these arm exercises and use lower reps with heavier weight and you'll soon develop a big pair of arms that get noticed by the ladies and envied by the guys.

Again, to grow any muscle... you need to overload it with heavy weight. Overload is the only reason a muscle has to get bigger and grow.

So, you need to ditch the arm exercises that use light weights, or where you isolate the biceps. Doing so means less overload and weight used.

You need to get rid of preacher curls, because while you're sitting... you're isolating the arms too much, and limiting overload. Again, less overload to the biceps means less muscle stimulation and growth.

Also, ditch the concentration curls too, they don't allow you to use heavy enough weight in order for the biceps to grow. Anything where you're sitting and isolating the biceps will limit the amount of weight you can lift.

In short: if you want sleeve splitting arms, get rid of any exercise that isolates your muscles. Isolation reduces overload to the muscles... which means you lift less weight. And less weight means less overload... which means less muscle growth.

Muscle growth happens when you keep handling heavier weight over time. If you want to make bigger gains on your biceps and triceps, you need to do the exercises that allow you to lift the most weight.

The most effective bicep exercises include standing barbell curls. This is the best bicep exercise you can do because you can handle the most weight.

Standing straight-barbell curls allow you to hit the biceps with the most amount of overload... which will cause them to grow more than any other exercise you use. Another great bicep exercise you can use is standing alternating dumbbell curls.You need to do these while standing- you never want to sit when doing these. Sitting will lessen the amount of overload to the biceps, since you can't lift as much weight sitting as you can standing. These two bicep exercises alone will add more muscle mass to your biceps than any others you do.

Much like for biceps, there are two tricep exercises that offer the most overload to the muscles. More overload and weight lifted means more muscle growth.

Lying tricep extensions are a great movement for hitting all 3 heads of the triceps. This is where you lie down on a bench with an EZ curl bar. You lower it to your head, and push back up using your triceps. This allows you to use a lot of weight on your triceps, which is why they're so effective. Another great exercise for triceps growth is close grip bench presses.

They're performed just like the regular bench press... only this time instead of your hands being shoulder width apart, they are only 6 to 8 inches apart from one another. You lower the weight to your chest like a regular bench press and then push the weight back up.

So now you have the 2 most effective bicep and triceps exercises that allow you to lift the most weight possible, and add the most muscle growth to your arms. Good luck!

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