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The Best Post WorkOut Foods

It's Not Enough to Work Out- Eat Right After to Get Results

You should already be aware that you should never strength train on an empty stomach, even if you're trying to lose weight. Cutting unhealthy carbohydrates is one thing, but food provides your body with the fuel that it will need to push potentially hundreds of pounds of cold, unforgiving steel against the unyielding cosmic force of gravity. This is not a challenge you want to face with compromised blood sugar levels.

But what about after your work out? If you don't eat after emerging victorious in your workout, you could be missing out on some very key nutritional boosts that will enhance your results and make you feel as you should: like a true champion. Here are a few foods that you should consider adding to your post-workout menu, and why they're good.

For Glycogen:

  • Bananas. They're cheap, they're fast to eat, and they give you a good source of healthy carbohydrates that your muscles need to refuel those glycogen reserves. Consider tossing one into a blender, along with protein powder and your liquid of choice. As an added bonus, they enhance smoothie texture.
  • Orange juice. That liquid of choice previously mentioned? Orange juice might be a good candidate. Another source of friendly carbs, and also high in potassium, just like bananas. You need electrolytes too, so you might as well get them from a great source. Keep in mind that orange juice can have some serious sugar counts, so it's best to get the best quality OJ available on the market, and avoid any that may have any added sweeteners.

For Protein:

  • Eggs. Hard boil a few, and eat them after your workout. If you really want to treat yourself, cut them in half, remove the yolk, and mix it with whole grain mustard (which is rich in selenium) and turmeric (which, among other things, provides anti-inflammatory benefits.) Add yolk-mustard mixture back into egg white half. Now you've got deviled eggs providing you with strength-building protein and a bit of recovery added in. Bonus: Deviled eggs are delicious.
  • Salmon: Another food that's high in protein, and also boasts Omega-3s, which help to fight inflammation and speed up recovery. Salmon's a natural choice if you're working out during the day and end around your lunch or dinner hours. Served any way you'd like, but grilled or baked is recommended.

These are just four examples of the foods you could and should be eating to maximize your benefits and cut down on your recovery time, but don't be fooled into thinking they're your only options. Foods like:

  • Probiotic yogurt.
  • Pineapple
  • Nuts, including cashews, almonds, and soy nuts
  • Garlic

Can all fit easily within your snack choices. Look to foods that are easy to eat, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

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