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Cheat Meals and Fitness: Do They Really Mix?

Cheat Meals and Fitness Do They Really Mix Craving a double cheeseburger or pizza? Or perhaps you're in the mood for ice cream? No problem! With a little plan, you can have a cheat meal and keep fit. From fitness models to bodybuilders, most athletes incorporate cheat meals into their diet. This strategy keeps them sane and boosts their motivation. On top of that, it revs up the metabolism and prevents weight loss plateaus. Want to find out more? Read on for a deep dive on.... What Are Cheat Meals Good for? No matter how dedicated you are, you can't eat clean 24/7. Just one week of clean eating can be mind-wracking. It's even worse when you're cutting or preparing for competition. This is where cheat meals come in handy. A weekly cheat meal makes healthy eating easier. You're more motivated to eat clean when you know that you can have a cheat meal at some point. This strategy can lead to faster gains and weight loss. Cheat meals increase leptin production, which in turn, revs up your metabolism. Prolonged dieting, on the other hand, decreases your metabolic rate. Over time, your body adapts to a low calorie intake and burns less energy for fuel. A cheat meal will shock your system and prevent plateaus. Strict diets are notorious for their impact on strength, energy levels, and overall performance. When you’re in a caloric deficit, your energy is low and your strength drops. Hunger pangs, cravings, and headaches are common side effects. By adding a weekly cheat meal to your menu, you can prevent these issues and reach your fitness goals. Cheat meals provide a mental break from dieting. They also serve as a reward for eating clean and training hard. On top of that, it boosts your mood and energy levels, replenish your glycogen stores, and fuel your workouts. The increase in leptin levels helps reduce body fat and curbs hunger. How to Plan Your Cheat Meals for Success Beware that cheat meals are not an excuse to eat everything in sight. A whole pizza, three cokes, and a box of cookies can ruin a week's worth of dieting. To stay fit, plan your cheat meals wisely. Ideally, use this strategy on your toughest workout days. This way, the extra calories will serve as a source of fuel and speed up recovery. Decide what you're going to eat. Are you planning to have a pizza or toss back a few beers? Try not to mix carbs and fats. Choose one or another. Ideally, have your cheat meal later in the day, such as for lunch or dinner. Eat a healthy breakfast to ward off hunger. Don’t cheat when you're starving because you'll end up overeating. Return to your diet as soon as you're cheat meal is over. Learn the difference between cheat meals and cheat days. A cheat meal is unlikely to ruin your diet, but a cheat day can offset your best efforts to get lean. When done right, cheating can skyrocket your metabolism and accelerate your progress. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. Eat clean 90 percent of the time and have your cheat meal in the remaining 10 percent.
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