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Easiest Upper Body Workouts For Men

Easiest upper body workouts for men- follow these simple moves for amazing results now Upper Body Workout for Men Keeping our upper body in shape is much easier than keeping the lower body. This is due to human nature. We’re very hands on and it’s just easier to grasp the idea of picking up weights and using them. We lift ourselves with our arms, we support our bodies with our core, and our back carries it all. But sometimes it’s not as easy as human nature to implement effective upper body exercises into our daily workout routine. We’re creatures of habit and the best way to learn is through actions. So follow these easy upper body workouts for men and make it a part of your regular regime.

Elevated Push Ups

Elevated Push Ups One of the best ways to really engage your core is with push ups. They should be included in any basic workout plan. But to really amp it up a level and engage your core to its fullest potential is to elevate your feet. Simply lay on the floor as you would normally for push ups but place your feet on a bench, box, or stack of mats. This directs your center of gravity to your abs and intensifies these upper body workouts.

Rowing/Single Arm Bent Over

Single Arm Bent Over Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and slightly bend at the knees. Then, bend at the hips until your back is flat and your torso is parallel with the floor below. With a weight in one hand, place the other securely behind your back and tighten your shoulders. Once you’ve got your balance in this position, begin to make a rowing movement with the hand holding the weight. Alternate this between your two arms to ensure the best distribution. This is a challenging move because your core has to resist bending and moving.

Lifting a Barbell

Lifting a Barbell Lifting heavy objects are great all over upper body workouts. It engages so many muscles. Start with a barbell and your desired weight on each end. Hoist it up and position it in place across your shoulders. Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart and begin to carefully lift the barbell up over your head. Give a little shrug of your shoulders before carefully allowing the barbell back down into place. Repeat this for at least four set of reps in 6-8.

L-Shaped Pull Ups

L-Shaped Pull Ups Head over to the pull up bar and grab hold. Lift up your legs in front of your body until they reach a perpendicular angle with your upper body, or when you feel like your body has formed an L-shape. Hold this position and then begin lifting yourself up in a push up motion. This not only works your arms and back but also engages your core while it supports your elevated legs.

One Arm Push Up

One Arm Push Up Push ups are one of the most popular ab workouts for men and one of the best upper body workouts while engaging your core at the same time. But a one armed push up turns it up a notch. Begin by laying in the push up position, feet shoulder width apart, but firmly place one arm behind your back, resting the hand at your waist. Continue by descending to the floor until your chest touches it. Don’t allow your weight to rest on the floor, though. This can be tricky to maneuver with one hand to supper your whole body. Ascend back into the push up position and repeat. Alternate between both arms to ensure proper symmetrics.

Single Arm/Leg Cable Pull

Leg Cable Pull Head over to the cables section in the gym and situate yourself. By relying on one single leg to support your body, your body’s core has to work harder to center itself. First, set one of the cables at chest height. The same arm you use to lift the cable handle is the same side to which you should lift your leg. Squeeze your shoulders together and make a mock rowing movement. Alternate between sides and try not to bend or twist your torso.

Reverse Kettle Ball Lift

Reverse Kettle Ball Lift This one is tough. Grab a kettle ball and flip it upside down so the weight portion is facing up. Grasp the hand with one hand, the ball’s weight resting above your hand, and then proceed to push it up overhead. This move requires some control and a bit of practice but over time you’ll begin to see the result from it in your upper body, especially in the arms. All in all, any upper body workout for men should involve these moves in some shape or form. The beauty of this routine is that it works the key areas of the arms and back while engaging and strengthening the core. A solid upper body workout plan is the foundation to any full body regime, but always be sure to tailor a workout to your body’s needs and limitations.


healthy living *Always remember to stretch before and after any workout. This preps your muscles for the stress you’re about to put on them and then soothes them in the end to avoid cramping or pain. *Stay hydrated! Don’t forget to feed your body with glucose, carbs, electrolytes, and water before every workout. Maintain that during and afterwards, too. *Always consult your doctor if you ever experience joint or muscle pain while exercising.
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