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What and When You Should Eat to Build More Muscle

build more muscle

Think of your meals as a triple threat; prioritize your protein and add in a hearty combo of carbohydrates and fats. Of course, the key to build more muscle is WHEN you eat these combinations and know what constitutes as ‘good’ carbs and friendly fats. Everyone responds differently to nutrition methods but if you stick to these foods and when to eat them from this post, you’ll see huge results in your ability to build muscle, training and health!

We’ll show you how to build muscle fast and complement your weight training regime with the perfect nutrition to boot.

  • Before you work out, get some food or drink that is skyrocket high in protein along with an carbohydrate.
  • After training get your intake of protein, carbs and fats as soon as you can. I’m talking immediately after stumbling through the door on leg day. Eat, drink and destroy from our selected suggestions!

build muscle

1.Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

This cheese is essentially the superman of the food world. Its makeup is almost all casein protein. It’s a perfect supplement for bodybuilding as casein is a slow digesting protein, which kills it when it comes to muscle recovery and maintenance. If you can get the fat free versions you’re on to a winner.

When: Eat this just before a workout and have it fuel, heal and maintain your muscles at a high standard. If you’re doing hardcore weight lifting blend this with your regular protein shake. BOOM.

2. Lean Chicken

Lean Chicken

Chicken is an awesome source of protein. It’s high in quality and is a beast when it comes to build muscle as well as repairing it. Chicken is simple, easy to cook and will be a staple in EVERY body building diet.

When: Chicken is good as a snack or as a meal and is full of high quality protein. Eat after a workout with some quality fats and clean carbs and you’ll soon pack on the muscle.

3. Lean Beef

Lean Beef

Beef is always a divider; the battle of ‘red meat is bad vs red meat is good’ rumbles on. In terms of weight training and building it’s hard to compete with its benefits. As long as it’s lean, you have a protein with very low calories and major benefits to muscle growth. chock full of amino acids that will improve your bodybuilding physique ten fold! Not only that but packed with vitamins, Iron and zinc. Steak for dinner? Yes, please.

When: Anytime. Lean beef is packed with so many good things, it's ridiculously beneficial before and after any workout. Have it as a meal with sweet potatoes after your workout or snack on it before to give your muscles a head start in the gym

4. Tuna


Fish is an underrated protein compared to shakes and its meat equivalents. Poor old tuna has a hell of a lot to offer, it’s cheap, high in protein, dripping in good fats and oils plus – it’s low in carbs. Tuna will efficiently help you build more muscle and help maintain a healthy digestive system.

When: Tuna or fish is good to eat after your workout at lunch or for your last meal of the day. Its oils, fats and most importantly protein, all get to work on fuelling your next workout and healing your body after a wicked clang and bang at the gym.

5. Whey Protein

Whey Protein

Whey protein is another staple in the bodybuilding bible. Able to help you gain weight fast, build muscle and really get the physique you want. There are so many different kinds of whey protein and it’s often about trial and error to discover which best works for you. not as high quality as natural sources but it does allow for consistent protein in your system. As we know this is vital for growth, maintenance and repair. So grab some whey and get shaking!

When: Whey protein is a brilliant supplement if used consistently. To get the most of yours, it’s best to have one when you wake up, one before your weight training or cardio, and one after. If you want to take one before bed get a casein brand that will work slowly overnight as you sleep.

6. Egg


What can we say? Eggs are awesome. Whether it’s the whites or the whole eggs, you have high protein and complex fats that get to work on your body. An average egg contains around 6g of protein (heck yeah!) and is smashed full of nutrients.

When: Get your eggs in at breakfast, as early as possible. The nutrients and proteins will help you stay fuller longer as well as fuelling your stellar day.

7. Quinoa


Quinoa is a super grain. It smashes brown rice when it comes to its nutritional values. I’m actually in awe of quinoa because it’s so mighty! If you want to be serious about your bodybuilding, then this is the grain you need to get right now. It has double the protein of rice and is overflowing with fiber. What more could you want? It’s a great alternative to minced meat, for all your veggies out there.

When: Quinoa is a strong clean carbohydrate. As well as being high in protein, this gives it a serious advantage in pre-training meals. Have quinoa before your workout for a serious energy boost – the added advantage is it will also get to work on building muscle because it breaks down so easily!

8. Beans


Beans should be pivotal in every diet. Whether or not, beans are epic carbs that are high in protein. Weight lifting, cardio or general workouts will be thankful for a belly full of beans. Legumes as a whole are muscle building, supplying carbs of pure gold. Special mentions for black beans, chickpeas and pinto beans, which whilst relatively high in complex carbs, offer a stunning injection of protein. They’re an impressive accompaniment to meat or as a substitute. Replace your white rice, bread and pasta with any beans and you’ll find a stronger, better you in the mirror each morning.

When: Beans are good before your workout or directly after. Eating before gives you huge energy levels for your weight lifting, cardio or general bodybuilding workout. Afterwards, allows them to get to work on fuelling your body for more and the proteins will give you the mass you want.


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