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Four Supplements in Your Diet You Need Now

When people hear the word nutrition, they typically associate it with natural foods. Although some supplements take the form of a tablet or a capsule, they contain ingredients like some foods that help induce a certain substance in the body to increase in amount. Basically, they are natural and can be just as nutritious.

When wanting to get toned or ripped fast—whether it’s for a fitness competition, a modeling career, a significant occasion, or simply a desire to look good—the use of supplements are often overlooked. They are an essential tool for any successful body enhancing goal.

The 4 supplements in this article are the most nutritious and natural products available in the market, and have helped people get ripped fast in as little as a month.

Whey Protein

Protein is the most essential part of a body builder’s diet, and can be acquired from eating meat and dairy products. However, these foods also contain fat—one of the worst enemies of any muscle builder.

To get protein without risking unnecessary fat gain, whey protein supplements were introduced. Whey is extractted from cheese. It is purely protein, and is also tasteless. It is definitely a supplement that should be included in any body builder’s diet.

Whey protein supplement comes in the form of capsule, powder, and shake. These different forms are basically the same: they have the same pure protein content, and they provide the same amount of protein that the body needs.

Desiccated Liver

Another essential product for a muscle builder that happens to be as natural as whey is desiccated liver. The liver is typically extracted from cattle beef, and is stripped of its fat upon extraction. The nutrients that are then left are protein and iron.

Protein has always been known as the macronutrient that repairs and restores damaged tissue. This is why it's important in a muscle builder’s diet. On the other hand, iron improves blood circulation. Enhanced blood flow means that nutrients are absorbed in the blood stream faster. Subsequently, the protein in the body is utilized at a higher rate.


Arginine is today’s most popular muscle enhancing supplement, due to its well documented benefits and apparent lack of any side effects. It is a semi essential amino acid that helps to metabolize the protein in the body. In order to do this, the body should absorb nitric oxide in the blood stream.

Arginine supplements sometimes take the form of nitric oxide (NO) boosters, as arginine is the precursor to the production of NO in the body. One of the many benefits of this supplement is the ability to boost tremendous strength in the body. One of the premium boosters on the market is Nitrocut® . In addition to Arginine, the new and improved formula has added vitamins and strength enhancer ingredients, and is a registered trademarked product.


Multivitamins are products that are often overlooked at by the body builder. These are just as essential as any other muscle enhancer. They clearly provide nutrients that are usually unavailable in the typical daily diet.

Exercise and diet are essential to get ripped fast. But these 4 essential supplements can help get the best out of any plans, providing even faster and better results in the long run.

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