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What You Have To Do To Get Six Pack Abs This Summer

What You Have To Do To Get Six Pack Abs This Summer Summer has just begun and the beach is once again crowded by people from all walks of life: the young and the old, the beautiful and the handsome, the professional and the bum, the sexy and the lean. The summer season is probably the hottest time of the year, and with the sweat dripping on your skin with your slightest move, comfortable and loose clothing are a must, not just a trend. If the winter or autumn got you all bundled up with thick and heavy clothing, the opposite is true for the summer: tops and shorts are cropped to their smallest to show as much skin as possible, for maximum exposure to the smallest hint of air in such humid weather; bikinis for the women, and trunks for the men. With these type of clothing in style at the moment—sleeveless shirts, tube tops, shorts—no wonder it also makes perfect timing to model around smooth skin, lean bodies, and worked up muscles. Now, who wouldn’t envy those? Well, envy no more. With these ripped abs exercises, you’re sure to walk the sands with head up high as well, proud and bare with a flat stomach. Here’s what you have to do to get those rock hard abs just in time for the season. Building Muscle Of course, nobody can get away with the famous, and equally infamous, exercise that’s sure to give you the abs everyone has dreamed of—the ultimate 6 pack workout: the crunches. The crunches actually hurt like hell, especially at the lower spinal cord as you try to lift yourself up. Some doctors even attest that such action, repeatedly done, is dangerous to one’s health, as it exhausts the spine upon bending it. But there are actually many ways to do the crunch, the first of which is the age-old sit-ups. The difference between the two is that the crunches are centered on abdominal contraction, while the sit-ups focus on lifting the entire upper body up to the knees, like in a sitting position. Other variation is the reversed crunch, in which the knees are drawn downward, toward the chest, instead of the other way around. Another is the double crunch, with the chest reaching up to the knees as the knees bend closer to the chest. What is important here is that you should feel your abdomen working itself; gather the strength for all the lifting from your gut, to make sure it is your abdominal muscles that “crunches” with every contraction, and not your spine. Burning Fat Your well-meaning ripped abs exercises would naturally have been in vain if the fat layer covering your midsection is not removed. No, you don’t have to go to a cosmetic surgeon and have your fats surgically removed for fast results—that would be unnecessary and even expensive. What you need is a fat-burning diet: low carbs, high protein, and high fiber. Lower carbs means lower fats stored, higher protein means higher fat burner, and higher fiber means higher fat eliminator; that’s the fail-proof way of how to get a flat stomach. Getting Help The regimen is almost enough, but if you really want fast results, a healthy dose of nitric oxide supplement should work—giving you the boost you need on your workouts, and nourishing your body with protein for faster muscle growth. Not only do they prove to be safe, they are also tested effective as well.
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