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How to Lose Weight Quickly during a Pandemic

How to lose weight quickly

What are the best ways to lose weight quickly during a pandemic?

In this article, you’ll learn about fat burning exercises that can help you lose weight quickly. These home workout ideas for weight loss are easy-to-do. Plus, they don’t require so much time or effort. If you were a gym rat, you might be struggling with doing your workouts at home. But most gyms and training centers are closed or limited. And many of them now offer online training program. You can leverage these online sessions to lose weight quickly. Now and beyond COVID-19. Also, you can learn how to exercise safely at home, without the fear of getting infected. Let’s dive right in.

Is it Okay to Focus on Losing Weight Now?

Research shows that there may be a relationship between the novel coronavirus and weight gain. In fact, in February 2020, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) revealed an update on obesity levels in the United States. As compared to 2016 when the obesity rate was around 30%, it grew to 42.4% between 2017 and 2018. This implies that more adults in the US are at risk of other obesity-related diseases including renal or coronary diseases. You’re probably wondering why you need workouts to lose weight quickly. Before now, you may have planned to hit the gym to burn those extra calories, but you never got around to working out. However, with the ongoing lockdown around the world, you’re home. And perhaps you may have all the time in the world. Why not start jogging or cycling those unwanted fats away?

Why the Emphasis on Coronavirus Weight Loss Home Workouts?

Recently, there have been varying opinions on the need to engage in workouts to lose weight. Various people including health experts and fitness instructors are weighing the pros and cons of weight loss management during this pandemic. One post even emphasized the need for people to cut down on alcohol intake. As the calories in different kinds of alcoholic beverages were higher than most. Now, the big question is: should losing weight be important in these times? Should you bother over weight loss issues when the world is looking for a cure for the life-threatening virus? Here’s something you should know: exercises are great for keeping your weight in check. But more than this, the right workouts will help you maintain mental clarity. Also, you’ll experience more happier moods and less agitation about the things beyond your control. So, if your goal is to lose weight quickly, you’d want to keep reading this article. But if you’re looking for a reason to stay healthy during the pandemic and after, you'll still find this post super valuable. As far as coronavirus weight loss workouts are concerned, you can decide how your diet or routines affect your body shape. From spending several hours in front of the TV to sitting at your home office desk for long hours on end. Your body could accumulate more fat than necessary.

How Possible is it to Lose Weight During the Pandemic?

Sedentary lifestyles could put you at risk of obesity. In this book on Obesity by Jonathan Q. Purnell, overweight and obesity are regarded as life-threatening diseases. Also, this study describes obesity or excessive weight gain as an epidemic that’s plaguing the entire world. To support this, the WHO defines obesity as the accumulation of excessive fat in unwanted places such as the hip and thigh. Some predictions have further indicated that by 2030, the rise in world obesity rates will be unimaginable. While 38% of the world population will be overweight, more than 85% of adults in the US will be overweight or obese. Harvard puts this figure at more than 3 million people. With these data, the need to lose weight becomes more pressing. So is it possible to lose weight fast during the pandemic? Would you have to cut down on your best meals? Or exercise 30 minutes for five days? Based on research, working out at home is one of the most inexpensive ways to lose weight. Not only does this save you the cost of gym memberships, It also gives you the needed amount of time since work or other engagements are out of the equation.

Can You trust Online Training to Lose Weight?

No questions, online weight loss training isn’t the same as lifting weight in a high-brow gym. The push and zeal to beat your reps don’t feel the same. Especially when all you have is your fitness instructor on the other side of the screen. Nonetheless, you can indeed lose weight quickly with online training. CNBC shared at least 10 streaming services that can help you achieve your fitness goals. From these services, you can engage in home workouts that’ll help you lose weight quickly. Some of them include:
  • Obe Fitness partners with more than 10 leading trainers to provide 4000+ strength-training classes.
  • Daily Burn provides workouts with an engaging community for people who lack the motivation to keep working out.
  • The Class offers body-weight exercises that require no equipment.
You don’t need equipment for most of these online training sessions. And you can access them from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Note, however, that some of them have paid versions besides their free trials. Overall, these virtual and pre-recorded workouts may not feel as powerful as you’d expect. But you can trust them to help you lose weight fast at home. And without much cost or time.

Different Exercises to Help You Lose Weight Quickly

Having laid a solid background for losing weight, let’s look at some of the best workouts for weight loss at home. First, your weight loss goals will determine how much workouts you need. In most individuals, what you find is that you lose weight in relation to your general body weight. What this means is that people with more fat tend to burn more calories. And quickly too. Hence, you must choose weight loss workouts that align with your body mass index and your weight loss goals. How many pounds can you expect to lose in a week? And how much time should you spend working out every week? The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise weekly. Other health experts also advise that per week, you should aim to lose only one percent of your body weight. Are you looking to lose weight quickly in a pandemic or after one? Spend about 45 minutes in 5 days on weight loss exercises. They’ll produce huge results. Second, if you’ve never been a workout lover, you should consider starting with beginner-friendly workouts. These easy workouts will teach you how to exercise and stay fit. According to science, the following exercises are effective for losing weight quickly. And this is due mainly to the fact that they help you burn the necessary calories in line with your body weight.
  • Weight Training

Weight Training Lose Weight If you have any of the common weight equipment at home, you can lose weight with ease. But if you don’t, it’s still okay. Weight training workouts have been found to aid building muscle which is closely linked to muscles at rest. In a study that measured resting metabolism, it was found that men burned more calories than when they did cardio. Also, it’s true that several hours after you’ve done workouts with weights, you’ll continue to burn calories. In essence, losing weight fast is possible with weights. However, since you’re at home, you may not have access to the regular weights you’ll find in gyms. Yet, you can use objects around the home that weigh reasonably. These include furniture, boxes, flower pots, or cartons of books stacked away. In all, note that the biggest perk of weight training for losing weight is the reduction in fat and increase in muscle.
  • Running

RUNNING LOSE WEIGHT Running is one of the simplest, yet most productive ways to lose weight quickly. Research by Harvard Health found that running 6 miles per hour can lead to a loss of 372 calories in half an hour for people who weigh 70-kg person. Another huge benefit of running for weight loss is that you can do them indoors using soft surfaces. As most people don’t have access to treadmills now, soft rugs in the home would do. Alternatively, you could spend 45 minutes to 1 hour daily in your yard running or jogging on your lawn. The added benefit of this is that running aids the loss of belly fat which often leads to heart conditions. To make your running workouts more fun, plug in some music. Or place a call to a loved one.
  • Pilates

Pilates lose weight The American Council on Exercise recommends pilates for weight loss. Although it doesn’t burn as many calories as running, it’s great for gradually losing weight. This study found that people who spend up to 5 hours per week performing pilates workouts burned fat around their hip, waist, and stomach. Plus, you don’t need equipment to perform these weight loss exercises. In addition to losing weight, this form of exercise will boost your endurance and help you stay fit. Overall, pilates is one simple workout you can perform at home to lose weight quickly.
  • Cycling

Cycling Cycling is another way to keep fit at home during and after the pandemic. Adding cycling to your fat burning workout routine will help you to burn excess fat in a fun way. Since cycling doesn’t stress your joints, expect to lose weight and boost your general fitness. More than this, you’ll be improving your heart health and preventing cancer. Not many people have a stationary bike at home. But if you do, good for you. Alternatively, you can use your regular bike at home. Cycle within your home premises or a quiet route where you can enjoy the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Losing Weight Fast

  • What Home Equipment Can You Use for Weight Loss?

Some of the best home equipment to lose weight quickly include the punching bag, dumbbells, rowing machine, and an ab roller wheel.
  • How Can I Lose Weight Naturally?

To lose weight naturally, you should consider drinking more water daily. Also, avoiding processed foods and increasing the protein in your diet can aid weight loss. As for snacking, consider eating healthy snacks like almond and cashew nuts. Another very essential way to lose weight naturally is to limit your sugar intake.
  • How Can I Lose Weight in 3 Days?

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Based on research, eating a vegetarian diet can lead to a loss of about ten pounds. Likewise, get serious about strength training and you’ll see super huge results in less than a week.
  • How Can I Lose Weight in 10 Days?

10 days may be too short. But it’s possible to lose weight in less than 2 weeks. And it involves counting how many calories you have in each meal. Also, try to chew your food more slowly and increase the fiber content in your diet.
  • Can Walking after Meals aid Weight Loss?

Taking a walk after your meals can reduce the amount of fat that your body stores. Moreover, brisk walking boosts metabolism rate and controls the blood sugar level.
  • Can I Lose Weight Fast without Exercise?

If you prefer to skip exercise when working on burning fat, consider the following:

What are the Side Effects of Losing Weight Quickly?

Did you know that there could be demerits of losing weight too quickly? While you want to see your weight loss goals early enough, you also want to be careful. Studies have shown that trying to lose weight too fast can lead to the following:
  • Dehydration
  • Rapid muscle loss
  • Sudden hair loss
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain

Can a Weight Loss Diet Help You Lose Weight Fast?

Absolutely. According to this study, to lose weight quickly, you need to reduce your calorie intake. And achieving a calorie deficit begins with slowing down on meals with empty or little calorie content. For instance, you can consider letting go of foods with high-fat content. Next, you should reduce drinks or juices that add empty calories to your body.

Is it Important to Prevent Gaining Weight during a Pandemic?

Yes, while staying home, you should do everything you can to minimize weight gain. And this is largely due to the sedentary life that being indoors encourages. With millions of people in the US staying with their families during these times, more food is being consumed. Harvard Health confirms this while recommending healthy food choices. Eating isn’t a bad thing in itself. Nevertheless, there are several downsides to eating excessively. Gaining weight during a pandemic can be scary, especially if gyms and fitness centers are closed. To encourage healthy eating habits, Consumer Reports shares healthy tips for eating while staying at home. Also, it discourages heavy intake of alcohol. Which can increase calories. In essence, you should watch your diet even as you perform different weight loss workouts at home.

The Take-Away

Engaging in exercises is an excellent way to lose weight fast at home. We’ve looked at some of the easiest workouts you can perform to stay fit and healthy. Also, we’ve shown you the value of the right diet when trying to lose weight. No weight loss diet can bring desired results alone. So you need to combine the right diets, habits, and exercises to lose weight fast. If you were looking for how to exercise during the pandemic, this article has talked extensively about it. Try not to lose weight more quickly than your body can take. Finally, choose weight loss exercises that you love and enjoy performing. The more passionate you are about exercising, the consistent you’ll be. And the more successful, too!
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