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The 10 Major Health Benefits of Running and Jogging

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Often, when people make the conscious decision to get in shape they go straight to a gym and start lifting weights. While weight lifting and bodybuilding are great and the perfect way to sculpt your exterior, you still have to consider your interior. Making life changes and deciding to get in shape means ensuring that your heart, bones and mind are solid enough to support the changes being made on the outside. And what’s the best way to do that? Running! There are multiple health benefits of running and even jogging. Whether you’re a gym junkie or not, running is something we all should incorporate into our daily lives. So what exactly are the health benefits that come with running?

  1. The Best Overall Mental Health

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When you’re walking through the park or strolling down a nearby trail and you cross paths with a runner, what’s your immediate impression of them? They’re happy, right? Runners are always extremely happy people, and it’s not just an act. Running increases endorphins and adrenaline, giving a sort of “high” while out for a run. Better yet, that “high” lasts long after you’re done. Do that every day and you’ll be one happy person.

  1. Strengthens Breathing and Increases Lung Capacity

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Your lungs are a muscle, just like any other muscles in your body. You may not see them from the outside, but they require proper exercise in order to function to the highest ability. Incorporating a daily run into your regime helps to work the lungs and over time, strengthens them. This will help in times of cold and flu season when your body is working tirelessly to fight off viruses.

  1. Aids in Controlling High Blood Pressure

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While you’re running, the arteries around your heart are constantly expanding and contracting in an attempt to stay fit. This process also drastically helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure related to heart disease. So break out those running shoes and run your way to a healthier heart.

  1. Builds a Strong Immune System

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Running on a regular basis, even short burst each day helps strengthen your immune system. You’ll be better equipped to fight germs and other nasty things, and when you do fall ill you will bounce back in no time.

  1. Better Control Over Weight

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Believe it or not, running or jogging burns massive amounts of calories. It’s one of the best forms of cardio you can do. If you’re increasing your running times, however, make sure that you’re increasing your intake of (healthy) food. You don’t want to crash and burn from burning more calories than necessary.

  1. Gives You Stronger Legs

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A runner is nothing without their legs. You can spot a runner from a mile away just by throwing a glance down at their calves, especially if they’re in shorts. By adding running to your daily regime, you’ll build gorgeously sculpted leg muscles and strengthen the part of the body which supports the rest. Win, win.

  1. Major Stress Reliever

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Running and jogging, even speed walking increases the levels of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is the hormone which makes you happy and relaxed. When avid runners feel sad or stressed, even angry, they lace up their sneakers and go for a run. It clears the head and amplifies a calming sensation throughout your body. This will help you better deal with stress-related issues and just improve your life all around.

  1. Increases Density of Your Bones

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Running and jogging can put a lot of physical stress on your bones and joints. But worry not, when this happens, your body is smart enough to send extra vitamins and minerals to those areas to help boost their density and health. Thus, running improves the density of your bones.

  1. Improves and Strengthens Joints

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A runner’s body is a temple, a machine, and a vessel. You can’t achieve the same results with any other exercise or workout than you can with running. The more you run, the better your body becomes. It strengthens your joints and helps you withstand obstacles. Running increases your ability to travel longer distances without experience muscles fatigue because your joints and ligaments are top notch.

  1. Confidence Booster

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And last, but not least (because there are endless benefits to running), your confidence levels will skyrocket. Not only does running help tone your body into great shape, it also increases all the good hormones in your body, as mentioned before. The combination of a better body, inside and out, obviously boosts your confidence like crazy. You’ll be happier, more outgoing, and have the confidence you need to interact with the people around you.


-Stay hydrated. It’s important to have a constant source of water and electrolytes before, during, and after any workout. This feeds your muscles and helps avoid fatigue. Remember, running burns crazy amounts of calories which cause you to sweat more. You can easily become dehydrated while running or jogging. Always make sure you have a water bottle with you.

-Always stretch your muscles before and after a workout. This preps them for the exercise and then helps to wind them down afterwards, avoiding cramping. Running can often cause leg cramps and Charlie Horses. You definitely want to avoid that.

-Don’t exercise if you’re hurt or experience pain. You could cause permanent damage. Consult your doctor if you experience pain while working out, especially if it’s around your knees or ankles.

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