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MUSCLE BUILDING 101: HOW TO GET RIPPED FAST Our muscle is an intricate part of our body. It is the layer just in between the skin and the internal organs. The muscles are useful for both protection and operation. Big muscles don’t build up overnight, but they also don’t take too long. Want to know the fastest way to get ripped? Here are the three easy steps on how to get ripped in 30 days. Number one is, of course, working out. Working out takes time, effort and discipline. You have to set a schedule that you know you can religiously follow on a regular basis, say everyday, every other day, or maybe every week. And, you definitely have to put a lot of sweat in performing the exercises that will produce your desired results. Always keep in mind that in training your muscle, you should not hesitate to push them to the limit. Strain them to almost the point of breaking down, but not to the very point of break down—you’ll end up getting an injured body rather than your desired lean body. And, don’t forget to leave time for rest and relaxation—this is the most crucial time for muscle to build and strengthen itself, because it is in this time that the muscle will recuperate from the exhaustion of working out. Two is nutrition. While it is true that exercise should keep you lean, healthy and active, it is not so true that exercise is what you ONLY need. You have to feed your body the right nutrients so that it replenishes the lost nutrients expended in your work out. As we know, cells keep on regenerating in our body and these reproduced cells cope with the development of our bodies. Thus, if the body notices increase in physical activity, the body will respond appropriately by regenerating stronger cells that will cope with the increased physical activity. And three: muscle enhancers. Nitric oxide supplements are the surefire way to seeing results immediately. As mentioned a while ago, cells are regenerated in our body all the time. Thus, with intense work out comes the need to regenerate on a faster basis. And the nutrient needed for cell regeneration is protein, also known as amino acids. Protein is known as the building block of the body. And one of these essential amino acids is L arginine, responsible for protein synthesis, and human growth hormone enhancer, among others. Though not naturally occurring in the body, this amino acid aids in the production of nitric oxide in the body—the compound responsible for cell growth, and in turn, muscle growth. Just a reminder in taking supplements: as long as you have been reading the label properly and following instructions strictly and making sure it’s a premium product then you’re good to go. With enough patience and discipline, you can achieve your goal as a best muscle builder.
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