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Outdoor Workouts: Outside Activities That Make Great Exercises

Outside Activities

Not everyone is pumped to hit the gym and not everyone even has access to one. So, we’re often left with the option to workout from the comfort of our homes, which is great! Go at your own pace, exercise in a private environment, etc. But who says you have to get down on the floor and do push ups or lift those heavy weights at all? There’s an entire gym right outside your door and the fun outdoor workouts it has to offer are engaging, and can be done with friends and family. Outdoor activities are an excellent way to keep fit while still having fun. So toss that gym bag aside for a while and check out some of these awesome activities that make great outdoor workouts.

1) Hiking


Hiking is a great, well rounded summer workout for the outdoor type. Make it a day trip or plan ahead and turn it into a weekend of fun and healthy exercise. Often, when hiking, you’re on an incline or a decline while climbing hills and rocks. This immediately provides resistance training for your leg muscles. Carrying your pack on your back while making sure your core and back muscles are engaged gives your upper body a great workout. So pack a lunch, strap on your boots, and get on your way.

2) Biking


There’s a reason why all gyms have a stationary bicycle. It’s an excellent exercise for the whole body. So if you don’t feel kike hitting the gym, or simply don’t have access to one, dust off your old bike and go for a ride. Biking is a great outdoor exercise idea and focuses on the leg muscles while also working the arms, abs, glutes, and back muscles at the same time. Tackle some hills to give yourself that edge of resistance and make it more challenging. Your legs will hate you in the morning but the workout you get is so worth it.

3) Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports

Soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, you name it. Outdoor workouts that are recreational sports are the best way to keep fit and have fun. Get some friends together and start a team, make it competitive and challenging. By involving others you’re making yourself accountable to stay active and stick with it. It’s proven that people who play recreational sports are healthier, happier, and in better shape than those who don’t. It’s one of the best outdoor workout ideas you can do.

4) Skating


Weather should never be an excuse to not get your workout. During the winter months there are tons of great outdoor activities to partake in that also double as a workout. Take ice skating for example. Ice skating, while super fun, is also one heck of a workout. Training your leg muscles to keep balanced on the skates, pushing your legs and body around on the ice, and engaging your core muscles to keep you upright and balanced. These are all key areas to focus on when exercising and skating helps with that. You may miss your summer workout but you can have a great winter one!

5) Snowboarding


Have you ever seen an over weight snowboarder? No, you have not. That’s because anyone who snowboards on a regular basis is getting a killer workout. Boarding down those slopes attacks your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, calves, back, shoulders, arms, and especially your abs. Talk about well rounded outdoor workouts.

6) Surfing


Similar to the idea of snowboarding, surfing requires your full body to engage. Keeping yourself balanced on that board, while riding out those waves is a serious workout. And even if you don’t catch a single wave, it doesn’t matter. Rowing yourself off shore and back again is a major arm and back muscles exercise and is considered one of the best outdoor workouts.

7) Roller Blading

Roller Blading

A similar workout to ice skating, but rollerblading can be done during the warmer months. Strap on those skates and hit the pavement because rollerblading is a great exercise for the lower body and even the abdominals. Keeping your core engaged to remain upright while gliding along works your abs at the same time your legs are toning up.

8) Swimming


Swimming is the perfect activity if you want to burn calories and get nice, lean muscles. It requires your body to stretch and reach while propelling itself through the water. Being in the water in itself is a form of resistance training and will automatically give you the workout you need to burn fat. Swimming is also a great exercise if you suffer from muscle and/or joint pain. Being in the water relieves some of the pressure and provides a more buoyant environment to workout in. Plus, it’s definitely one of the fun outdoor workouts.

9) Walking


This is an obvious one, but also an exercise that often gets overlooked. Walking is a great outdoor activity and can be done solo or with friends. It’s the ultimate form of cardio and promotes good heart health while still giving you a well rounded workout. All you need are some slight hills to give you that resistance and you can train your body into a leaner you in no time.

10) Running


Just like walking, running is an often overlooked outdoor exercise. But isn’t it essentially the same as hoping on a treadmill or an elliptical? Do yourself a favor and get some fresh air while you do your workout. It’s a great source of cardio and burns calories at an alarming rate. Lace up those sneakers and hit the trails this weekend. Exercising outside in the fresh air is so much better, which promotes a healthier you.


  • Stay hydrated! Drink water before, during, and after any workout. Keeping your muscles hydrated avoids muscles fatigue and body dehydration.
  • Stretch it out! Make sure to warm up your muscles and joints before starting a workout or outdoor activity. This helps to avoid pain and injuries. Also, make sure to stretch out your muscles afterwards to help them rest.
  • If you experience major pain and discomfort while exercising then consult your doctor immediately. Exercising on an injury can make it worse and even lead to permanent damage.
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