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Several of the best foods for gut health

best foods for gut health In terms of health and well-being, looking after ourselves on the inside is just as important as looking after ourselves on the outside. In fact, some would argue that it is even more important. Our guts for example, are hugely important because they are responsible for the digestion of our food, the absorption of nutrients, and the excretion of waste products. Individuals with unhealthy guts are susceptible to all kinds of ailments and diseases, including stomach, bowel, and colon cancer, inflammation, leaky gut, acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, and poor nutrient absorption. Thankfully there are foods, drinks, and supplements we can consume that will promote optimal gut health. These include the following best foods for gut health: Prebiotic foods – Out guts contain millions upon millions of microscopic bacteria that help maintain a healthy environment within our digestive systems. These bacteria are alive and they therefore need fuel and energy, just like us. This is where prebiotic foods prove so useful. Prebiotics are packed full of fiber that bacteria in the gut feast on. Once they feast on this fiber, they create by-products via fermentation, which provide optimal health conditions for the gut. Many fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains function very well as prebiotic ingredients which help promote optimal gut health, so consider consuming more. Sauerkraut – Fermented foods are hugely, hugely beneficial for our guts and digestive systems, and sauerkraut is one of the best examples of fermented food you could ever wish for. Sauerkraut is basically a delicious fermented cabbage that is full of nutrients, including probiotic bacteria that help to replenish healthy bacteria levels within the body. If you choose to purchase sauerkraut as opposed to making your own, make sure you purchase it fresh from the chilled section. You can purchase canned sauerkraut, but it will have been pasteurized before being canned to enhance its longevity, meaning some of the healthy bacteria will have also been destroyed. Kombucha tea – It isn’t just foods that you can consume to help promote optimal conditions within the gut. Kombucha tea is also hugely beneficial and it is made from a combination of black tea leaves, fizzy kombucha, and bacteria to help bring on the fermentation process. Kombucha tea tastes great, it cleans the gut and colon, and it is also full of antioxidants as well. Due to the naturally high levels of antioxidants in the tea, this beverage is considered great for people looking to ward off cancer, inflammation, and the signs of aging brought on by oxidative stress in the body. Whole oranges – Whole natural oranges are very good for us anyways. They taste great, and they’re full of vitamin C, other natural vitamins, and antioxidants. As it turns out, they are also rich in soluble fiber, which, when it comes into contact with bacteria in our guts, begins to ferment and break down. A by-product of this natural process is a healthy fatty acid which is known as Butyrate. Butyrate actually functions as a natural source of fuel and energy for cells in the gut and digestive tract, so the more energy these cells have, the healthier they are, and the healthier our digestive systems are as a result. As much of the fiber is found within membranes that divide each orange segment, the whole orange must be consumed, so fresh orange juice just won’t cut it unfortunately.
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