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The Military Diet Plan: How Does It Work?

The Military Diet Plan How Does It Work One of the most well-known diets for weight loss is the military diet. Many men and women follow a military diet plan for weight loss. However, before you try this program, find out the pros and cons, and get the hang of its impact on your health.

What is the Military Diet?

In recent times, people have chosen dieting and improved lifestyle or healthy choices over restrictive dieting. Strict dieting like the military diet involved a 3-day diet and 4 days off until you get your expected weight results. With the promise of a reduction of 10 pounds every week, many people have become more fascinated with the military meal plan. Also known as the Army or Navy diet, the military 3-day diet has been reviewed by many nutrition experts. Studies have discovered that the military diet has its limitations. Now, before we get into the details about the benefits and downsides, let’s discuss the military diet meal plan.

What is the Military Diet?

Okay, you’re probably already thinking that this diet is associated with the military. That’s a fallacy actually. Some have claimed that the US military invented this diet to help soldiers stay in top shape. But don’t fall for that story. It’s just a line used to sell this “ice cream diet.” So, how did the name come about? Thanks to some rumors that a particular diet made soldiers strong, the military diet gained popularity. Its primary goal is weight loss and other forms of 3-day diets have been patterned after it. Again, it’s a little interesting that a diet with focuses on sweet and indulgent foods such as ice cream and hot dogs could be celebrated as effective for weight loss. Nonetheless, some reviews on military diet have shown that it works for some time before people begin to gain even more weight than they previously lost. With the military three-day diet, you get to eat low-calories and low-carb foods for three days of the week. And one of the most notable military diet results is that people who take up this diet plan lose weight fast. So, are you looking to shed some pounds in very little time? The military diet is the way to go!

How does the Military Diet Work?

Restricting calories has been shown to boost the chances of weight loss. Not only do low-calorie diets burn fat quick but they also encourage an indulgent lifestyle for three out of seven days. Now, many dieters are advised to eat about 3,700 calories during these days with the structure of 1,400 calories on day one, 1,200 calories on day two, and 1,100 calories on day three. On each day, you shouldn’t consume less than 1,100 calories. Additionally, this military diet plan combines compatible foods which can work together to speed up the weight loss process. One essential factor when following this diet plan is commitment. Without strict adherence to the diet, it becomes impossible to achieve the desired weight results. Besides, the presence of the “sweet” foods makes people assume that the diet promotes overindulgence. However, we must add that the military diet plan has a structure for how foods are eaten so that dieters don’t end up gaining rather than losing weight. Here’s the deal: It’s expected that you repeat the diet cycle until you eventually accomplish your weight goals. So, what does the military diet plan entail?

Structure of the Military Diet Plan

Now, you’re aware that the military diet plan contains a 3-day military diet list. As a matter of fact, there are military diet success stories which have proven the impact of this form of restrictive dieting. Let’s show you what the diet looks like:

Day One

Breakfast: a slice of toast with peanut butter, grapefruit and a cup of tea Lunch: a slice of toast with tuna and a cup of tea/coffee Dinner: 85 grams of meat, one cup of green beans, an apple, banana (half), and a cup of ice cream

Day Two

Breakfast: a slice of bread/toast with one egg, ½ banana, and one cup of tea Lunch: one cup of cottage cheese, one hardboiled egg, 5 saltine crackers, and a cup of tea Dinner: 2 hot dogs, ½ cup of carrots, ½ banana, ½ cup of broccoli, and ½ cup of ice cream

Day Three

Breakfast: 1 slice of cheddar cheese, 1 apple (small), 5 saltine crackers, and a cup of coffee/tea Lunch: 1 egg, 1 toast/bread, and a cup of tea/coffee Dinner: a cup of tuna, ½ banana, and a cup of ice cream Tea/coffee is based on your preference but ensure that you add no sugar, artificial sweeteners or cream.

Is the Military Diet Healthy?

A lot of people have raised questions about the efficiency of the military diet to enhance weight loss. One of the major reasons the doubts exist is the content of the 3-day military diet list. The list of foods on the military diet includes:
  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Tuna
  • Hot dogs
  • Meat
  • Bananas
  • Carrots
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Grapefruit
Some of the food items which are excluded on the military diet plan include milk, sugar, and oranges. Let’s face it: Inasmuch as we’d like to admit that the military diet provides excellent results in little time, we can’t deny the fact that the structure of the diet isn’t static. The flexible meal plan allows for confusion on the part of dieters. For one, the claim that the diet is rich in low calories and low-carbs is questionable. Why? Hot dogs and ice cream aren’t close to providing the right amount of nutrients which the body system needs to grow fully. Three days is insufficient to meet the body’s demands for vitamins and minerals which fruits and vegetables readily provide. To further illustrate this, you’d observe that vitamins and antioxidant properties are primarily found in fruits, grains, leafy vegetables, and daily products. But when you limit your intake of such food items, you’re prone to vitamin deficiencies and other health risks. Another significant aspect of the 7-day military diet is that you become restricted for a full seven days. On the first three days, you MUST follow the diet plan, or you wouldn’t get the desired results. Equally, on the four days that follow, you’re not allowed to consume too many calories. And even though the daily calorie intake is small compared to what adults should normally take, the diet plan comes with a level or restriction which many people cannot handle. If being restricted in your food choices isn’t a problem for you, then you’re game for the military diet. However, if you’re flexible with your meals and cannot be tied to a specific diet pattern, then you should probably rethink the meal plan. Are you thinking about weight loss? Get on this plan now! The bottom line is this: the military diet plan is filled with low-carb and low-calorie meals which starve your body of the ideal supply of fiber and nutrients. In the long run, you may lose weight, which is good. But you may find it difficult to remain healthy or strong. Without question, the military diet plan seems like a “blessed curse” which cures one problem but creates another (or many more).

Before You Try the Military Diet

The idea of losing up to 10 pounds in three days is interesting. As a matter of fact, many people have expressed their satisfaction with the military diet. However, food experts have their reservations. Mayo Clinic and other health institutions have not recommended the military diet. Some of the possible reasons are as follows:
  • Junk food shouldn’t be a part of your regular diet
  • It encourages occasional fasting
  • Feelings of hunger and anger are likely to arise quicker
  • Calories in the military diet are below the ideal daily intake for men and women
  • Heart damage is very likely when on a military diet plan
  • Weight lost is likely to be regained
  • Fat burning is slower when you’re on a military diet program
Alternative ways to lose weight include readjusting your lifestyle habits and eating healthy. Healthy eating decisions can influence your weight loss goal and help you achieve the body shape of your dreams. In essence, the military diet may work for a while but not for too long.

Military Diet Substitutions List

If you have allergies, some of the meals in the military diet plan may not work for you. Try these military diet substitutes<:>
  • Grapefruits in place of oranges
  • Soy butter for peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt is the best substitute for cottage cheese
  • Nuts and seeds can replace hardboiled eggs
  • Celery or bell pepper can be used in place of carrots.
  • The Bottom Line

    In brief, the military diet plan is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. It requires a strict 3-day adherence to foods with low calories and low carbs and encourages at least 1,100 calories per day. These meals include tuna, peanut butter, ice cream, eggs, and more. While we believe that this diet plan has its benefits, we also recommend that you use supplements. These include take fish oil, creatine, protein bars, and unrefined coconut oil among others. Above all, remember to get enough sleep and give your body and brain all that they need to keep you young and strong.
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