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Tired of crunches? Try these ab exercises!

Top 6 Ab Exercises Other Than Crunches Ask most gym goers how they work their abs and you'll hear the word "crunches." Yet, there are dozens of other ab exercises that yield better results. Crunches are not your only option. Actually, they have a negligible impact on core strength and development. We're not saying that crunches are completely useless. They do work when used along with other ab exercises and whole body training. But crunches alone won’t give you ripped abs. Plus, you first need to lose the layer of fat covering your abs. Ready to tweak your workout routine? Here are the six best ab exercises other than crunches: Plank Jack This intense exercise requires you to control the movement using your core. It's ideal for building core strength and burning fat. The best part is that you can do it at home. No equipment is needed. Plank jacks work not just your abs but also your shoulders and legs. It's a whole body exercise that boosts your strength and endurance. The key is to keep your back stable and squeeze your abs throughout the movement. Ab Rollouts Have you ever used an ab wheel? This tiny device is perfect for working your core. It targets your abs, lats, and serratus muscles while improving your balance. If you don’t have an ab wheel, use a barbell. Hanging Leg Raises This exercise hits all core muscles as well as your lats. It's particularly effective for the lower ab muscles, which are hard to target. Moreover, it works the pectineus, iliopsoas, and other smaller muscles used for abdominal contraction. Perfect form is a must. Once you master the hanging leg raise, add weight to make it more challenging. Wrap a chain around your waist, wear a weighted vest, or hold an exercise ball between your legs at ankle level. Spiderman Push-Ups The spiderman push-up builds core strength and shapes your abs. It also works your arms, shoulders, chest, and obliques. It's perfect for training your upper body and getting stronger overall. This exercise is intense and challenges your balances, causing the abs to work hard. It raises your heart rate and metabolism, so you'll burn a ton of calories. Since it requires no equipment, you can practice it at home or on the go. Decline Russian Twist Few exercises work your obliques as well as the Russian twist. When done on a decline bench, it causes the upper abs to contract isometrically. At the same time, it challenges the obliques and builds core strength. If you want abs of steel, the decline Russian twist should be on your list. It not only works your core but also increases rotational power and makes you better at your sport of choice. Just make sure you use perfect form. This exercise places a lot of stress of your spine, so use a slow, controlled motion. Renegade Rows For strong abs and wider lats, try the renegade row! This unilateral movement works the lats and spinal erectors as well as the core. In the long run, it builds core stability and strength, improves your balance, and sculpts your shoulders. Once you learn the basic version, add burpees, jumps, or push-ups to the mix. This way, you'll burn more calories and take your workout to the next level.
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