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Top 8 Best Workout Plans for Men

This list of workout plans for men presents the best range of routines to choose from. Find the one that works for you! best workout plans for men Choosing a workout plan is a very personal thing. It’s a life choice that will affect more than just your body. A workout plan should be chosen with your goals and needs in mind, remember that when you’re scrolling through websites to find one. Don’t settle on the first one you come across and definitely don’t go for the “quick fix” solutions either. First, sit down and figure out what your goals are and what your needs tend to be. Are you hoping to tone up? Bulk up? Get leaner? Lose weight for health reasons? There are many factors to consider before ultimately choosing a regime that will become part of your daily life. This list of the top 8 best workout plans for men outline the key factors of each plan and make it easier for you to pick one that works for you. Choose wisely. 1. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout plans for men Cardio is more commonly known and used for weight loss, to build strength and control. But with the HIIT workout plan it’s also used for toning. Comprising of high levels of intense cardio moves in short bursts of time, the plan allows you to shed weight and burn calories fast. But it also builds up endurance and tolerance, helping you to keep going for longer periods of time. HIIT can include just about any form of cardio exercise such as running, jumping, aerobics, sprinting, lunges, etc. as long as they’re done in short bursts with quick recovery periods. Don’t allow your body to rest for too long in between the reps otherwise you’ll experience fatigue and muscle weakness, forcing you to cut it short. The longer you can continue the short bursts of cardio the better results you’ll see. 2. CrossFit Developed by the amazing Greg Glassman, a major mogul in the health & fitness industry, CrossFit has become one of the best workout plans for men available today. While it’s more commonly known to men, women are also joining the program and are achieving amazing results. CrossFit consists of a global group of people testing themselves against a high endurance training program. Combining aerobics, calisthenics, and Olympic weight training/lifting, the CrossFit program lays out detailed steps to follow and a timeframe in which to complete them. These can range from wall climbing to extended periods of jump roping and even boat rowing. If there’s a CrossFit gym in your area, then you can join and get the full effect of the program. But you can also follow along on their website and complete the WOD (Workout of the Day) every day of the week. This particular workout plan for men is not for the occasional exerciser or for someone who is new to the world of fitness. Although they claim that CrossFit can be for anyone, it’s known for testing limits and pushing boundaries. 3. Yoga best workout plans for men Yoga is an amazing thing. It truly is. Its origin has been dated back as far as the time of Sanskrit but didn’t become popular until it was commercialized in India. Yoga has been used for weight loss, rehabilitation, and even to help focus the mind and relive stress. There are different types of yoga so if you’re thinking about going this route then you should know the key areas before deciding which one to go with or if yoga is even for you, as part of these best workout plans for men. -Yoga for Weight Loss If you are looking for straight up weight loss and not so much in the way of actual muscle building, then yoga and cardio can be blended to achieve the results you want. Hot yoga is also another great option for weight loss as well as detoxification. Basically, hot yoga is the act of performing slow yoga moves in a room similar to a sauna. The resistance from the moves combined with the steam and heat help burn more calories and rid your body of toxins. -Yoga for Muscle Toning Focusing on the yoga positions that have been proven to build muscle can help you obtain your toning goals. Try starting with a few easy positions like Warrior 1 to tone arms/legs/core, Warrior 2 for toning arms/legs/core/back, Reverse Boat for back/legs/arm/glutes, Full Boat for core an legs, and then Plank for core and back. Work these positions into your daily workout plan, holding each one for at least 1 minute and 30 seconds and controlled, steady breathing.Remember, yoga is a way of life. It’s meant to be incorporated into your routine as a lifestyle change rather than a regime. Choose one key area of yoga to supplement another workout plan, or combine them all to get the full effect of the yoga experience. -Yoga for Strength Training A lot of men choose to go the muscle toning and bulking route but there are those who wish to just have a stronger body and a better core. Using yoga for strength training is a great way to achieve this and can even be combined with other workout plans for optimal results. You could start out by incorporating some key strength training yoga poses into your daily routine; a Seated Meditation Pose to strengthen your core and back, the Tree Pose to really engage your core and strengthen leg muscles, the Spinal Twist to build up power in the muscles surrounding the spine, and then the Plank which tests your will and builds back and core muscles. 4. Circuit best workout plans for men A circuit training program is a workout plan that involves a repetitive moving system of exercise in short intervals. There are two kinds of circuit training: one that consists of floor positions and/or machines, and one that is strictly machines (commonly used in gym settings). If you’re a member of your local gym, or plan to be, then check out the circuit system they have. It should comprise of 10-12 exercise machines that target the key areas of your body; legs, arms, back, core. If you’re not a member of a gym, and prefer to workout at home, then try your hand at a circuit training program that appeals to you. They usually include floor moves like push ups, sits ups, crunches, burpees, and jumping jacks. 5. Mat Training best workout plans for men Mat training is sort of an umbrella term for the many types of easy workout plans that revolve around a floor mat. But let’s focus on Pilates as it’s a very popular method. More commonly known to be used by women, Pilates is surprisingly a great workout plan for men, too. Consisting of a series of controlled movements while strengthening your pelvic floor, Pilates has a lot to offer men. It’s perfect for those who prefer to workout in the privacy of their own home, are looking at strengthening the core along with the rest of the body, and can even be used to supplement other best workout plans for men, as Pilates can help you target hard to reach muscles that traditional workout plans just can’t seem to touch. Similar to yoga, Pilates can focus on different areas such as weight loss, muscle toning, and building strength. 6. Rock Hard Challenge The Rock Hard Challenge is an intense muscular workout plan for men and created by Muscle & Fitness. The 8-week program is laid out in detail for the user to follow and includes intense weight training, fat burning cardio, information about “rest days” and why you absolutely need to implement them, and a suggested diet plan that involves high protein, low carbs, low sugar, and lots of delicious veggies. This is a great workout plan for those who are searching for something that will yield both muscle tone and weight loss together. 7. Muscle Confusion best workout plans for men There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of at-home workout plans you could practice and incorporate into your daily routine. But ones that focus on building lean muscles over a short period of time using muscle confusion are the most popular for men. A detailed workout plan for men is what’s required, which involves some heavy and intense muscle confusion training taken place over a 60 to 90-day period. It’s believed that muscle confusion prevents your muscles from adapting to any particular workout routine and continually proves results, avoiding the dreaded “plateau” effect you sometimes get halfway through a workout plan. This popular method is a great option if you prefer to workout from the comforts of your home and seriously tone up while losing weight. The routine can sometime include a combination of yoga, Pilates, plyometrics, and strength training. Be warned though, these routines have been known to be tough workout plans, ones that offers results but take dedication to conquer the 6 days a week and 60 to 90-day time period. 8. A Workout for a King best workout plans for men See those ultra muscled fitness enthusiast walking around? Well, if you want to look like that and fast, then a power pump routine is a great workout plan for men that is laid out in a step by step routine that anyone could follow. The highly intense workout plan consists of lifting heavy weights in high volumes over a three step process.-Pump or swell the targeted muscle with blood by performing three key exercises in reps of four for the muscle. This sends an optimal amount of blood to the muscle and helps you achieve the next steps easier. -Next, you should feed the targeted muscle, now pumped or swollen with blood flow, with a mix of amino acids, carbohydrates, glucose, and creatine. Mix a drink of these in your water bottle and drink before, during, and also after the intense workout. The concoction feeds your muscles and helps keep you hydrated in the process.-And lastly, force brand new muscle growth by overloading the targeted areas with heavy weights and as many reps as you possible manage. Near the end, finish off with triple drop sets and power partial reps. Most fitness pros will admit that this high endurance workout is not for the faint of heart. Its main goal is to maximize muscle growth and push your boundaries to limits you never knew you had. There will be aches and pain, but there will be results.There is no right or wrong choice here, no one best workout plan for men. Take the time to sit down and figure out your goals. Set a timeframe of when you’d like to achieve these goals and never go for the easy route or quick fix. Best workout plans for men or health regimes should compliment your life and become a key factor in it, ultimately only you can decide what will work for you. Tips: You should always include a healthy balanced diet in any workout plan. While most pre-determined workout systems come equipped with a suggested diet plan, you can also consult a dietitian or health food expert if you have questions or concerns. Remember to stay hydrated! No matter the workout plans you choose to implement into your daily life, hydration is the key to keeping your muscles and brain functioning through it all. Don’t forget to stretch! Stretching your muscles before a workout ensures that your body is warmed up and reduces the risk of pulling muscles or inducing pain. Likewise, stretching after a workout helps to reduce these factors and also allows your muscles to wind down after being worked. No matter what any best workout plans for men state, it’s is best to try and give yourself a rest day. This allows your body to recuperate, muscles to relax, and also something to look forward to and treat yourself with at the end of each week.


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