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Why Won’t My Calves Grow? – Common Mistakes Hindering Your Calf Progress

Why Won’t My Calves Grow In the bodybuilding world, there are some muscle groups that bodybuilders generally enjoy training more than others. Some enjoy chest, some enjoy training back, and there are a select few sick individuals out there that actually enjoy training legs! When we think of leg training, instantly a few exercises that are conjured up in our mind’s eye are exercises like: squats, leg presses, walking lunges, leg curls, hack squats, hamstring curls. Anything else? Oh yes, that’s right, we normally throw in a few standing calf-raises at the end of our session, if we can still stand up. In terms of adding muscle mass, the calves are, without a doubt, one of the most stubborn muscle groups to grow. There are a few bodybuilders out there like Flex Lewis, or Eric Fankhouser, who have amazing calves, but generally, most people trouble to add any real size to their calves at all. If you’re looking to shock your calves into growing then take a look at the following calf training mistakes hindering your progress, and see what you can do to put things right. Not training your calves at all! – Obviously this should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyways, just to be sure that there’s no confusion. A lot of people out there fail to train their calves, or perhaps they’ll train them once in a blue moon when they remember. The main reason for this is that they simply do not see the point, and think that the calves will be worked during leg training sessions. The simple fact of the matter is that if you aren’t training your calves, they won’t grow. Throwing a few calf-raises in at the end of your session – As we touched upon before, a lot of bodybuilders will throw a few half-hearted standing calf-raises in at the end of their leg workout, just so they don’t feel guilty about neglecting the calves. The calves are a muscle group like any other, and they need training accordingly. After training legs, if you trained right, you should be exhausted, meaning you can’t dedicate enough time or energy to your calves, so obviously they won’t grow properly. Either train them earlier on in your session when you’re fresh, or train them on another day instead. Doing the same exercises over and over – To train calves, calf-raises are essential, as like biceps and curls, without calf raises you don’t have much variety. The thing to remember is that there are many different variants of the humble calf-raise, as you can perform them standing or seated, you can go with donkey calf-raises, reverse calf raises, and more besides. Mix things up when training calves, and make things interesting. Not going with high volume – To really stimulate the calves, high volume training should be embraced. Forget your standard 8 – 15 rep ranges, with each set of calf raises you need to be hitting at least 20 reps, ideally closer to 30. Choose a challenging weight, ensure you are well rested, execute perfect form, and go to failure with each set.
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