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The 5 Best Glute Exercises You're Not Doing

The 5 Best Glute Exercises You're Not Doing Want to build head-turning glutes? Have a hard time shaping your butt? In this case, change your training plan! Building a perfect booty is both art and science. You must work your glutes from every angle and choose the right exercises. The glutes have more than an aesthetic function. These muscles play a key role in daily movements, such as walking, running, and squatting. They also provide stability for the pelvis and knees, allow the rotation of the hip joint, and help maintain your posture. Without exercise, they get weaker and less efficient. If you're like most gym goers, you probably do lots of squats and lunges to work your booty. However, these aren't your only options. From donkey kicks and hip thrusts to single leg deadlifts, there are plenty of other glute exercises with proven results. Check out our favorite picks: The Glute Bridge Bodyweight and barbell bridges isolate the glute muscles. This exercise also builds lower body strength, improves your posture, and boosts sports performance. Once you include it in your routine, you'll jump higher, run faster, and squat with heavier weights. In the long run, glute bridges may help ease back and knee pain. Moreover, they correct muscle imbalances and strengthen your core. Depending on your fitness level, do this exercise with your bodyweight only, or place a barbell on your hips. Another option is to use a weight plate or a dumbbell. Sumo Deadlifts This deadlift variation activates the glutes better than most exercises out there. By using a wide stance, the glutes work harder to push your body up and maintain your balance. When done regularly, sumo deadlifts increase pulling strength and shape your butt. Compared to standard deadlifts, this move increases gluteus maximus and quad development to a greater extent. At the same time, it minimizes lumber spine stress by about 10 percent. Single-Leg Deadlifts The single-leg deadlift targets your glutes and hamstrings while improving overall balance. It also builds core strength and increases hip stability. All you need is a set of dumbbells. For best results, do this exercise with a slow, controlled motion. Don't bounce up and down. Maintain a neutral spine and look straight ahead. If done right, single-leg deadlifts will boost your strength and power, sculpt your legs, and give your booty that sought-after shape. Bulgarian Split Squat For stronger quads and glutes, try Bulgarian split squats! This unilateral movement increases leg strength and stability, adds size to your quads, and boosts joint flexibility. Compared to standard squats, it puts less stress on your spine and requires light weights. This makes it ideal for those who exercise at home or have back injuries. You can use a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, or your own bodyweight. Step-Ups Step-ups might seem easy, but they're actually quite intense. If you use proper form, you'll feel your glutes burning after a set or two. This exercise not only shapes your glutes but also improves muscle symmetry and balance. Over time, it increases your squat and deadlift strength, builds explosive power, and burns fat. Due to its intense nature, it boosts your metabolism and energy expenditure. Have you tried any of these glute exercises? If not, they’re worth checking out! A few weeks from now on, you’ll have a firm, round butt that looks amazing in tight jeans.
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