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Fun Dance Workout Routines You Can Do at Home

Aerobics Routines

Not everyone is an avid gym goer, and not all people even enjoy going there. Often, it can be a task, an inconvenience to take time out of a busy schedule to break up their day and head to the gym. Wouldn’t it be better to just head straight home? But how would you get in your workout? How would you keep fit? With dancing, of course! There are tons of fun dance workout routines that easy enough to do at home. All you need is a clear space and twenty free minutes a few times each week. The time you save driving to and from the gym could turn into the only workout time your need. So, to help you on your way, here are two of the most popular dance aerobics routines you can do at home.

1. Hip Hop Abs

hip hop abs

This innovative fun dance workout routine claims that you can dance your way to great looking abs. But it works so much more than that. By keeping you up off of the floor and focusing on the abdominals, you’re also working other parts of your body, too, especially the arms and legs. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand getting down on the floor and performing back breaking abdominal exercises, then this beginner’s dance workout routine is the perfect one for you. Because the routine is an intense cardio based workout, your burn massive calories while learning to dance as well as working your abs. In fact, it’s so effective, you really only need to do it for 20 minutes, three days per week. That’s nothing! Anyone can find the time to work this routine into their lives. So, to get you started, here are three key moves to hip hop your way to amazing abs.

a) Knee Bounce


Stand straight with your arms extended out at your sides on a slight angle. Then proceed to bounce on the balls of your feet, slightly shifting your weight between the two feet. Then, when you’ve got a good balance, begin by hiking one knee up towards your chest and then back down again. Next, bounce the other knee up. Continue to do so, alternating between knees, while maintaining your arms positions. You’ll begin to feel the burn in your mid-section in no time. Once you’ve built up a tolerance for the move, step it up by raising your arms higher. The higher you go, the more resistance you put on them and your core.

b) Slide & Crunch

Slide & Crunch

Stand straight with your feet together. Hold your fists against your chest, bending your elbows, and proceed to crunch your abs. When you ease up out of the crunch, propel yourself in a slide to the right. Bring your feet together and do another crunch, then slide to the left. Continue this for as long as you can go.

c) Skip & Reach

Skip & Reach

Reach your hands far into the air above your head, extending your arms straight. Begin to skip in place and alternate between knees to kick them up towards your body. Periodically bring your arms down and slightly crunch your abs.

2. Zumba


Zumba is an excellent dance aerobics routine if you want fast results and have fun doing it. The beauty about the program is that you don’t have to be a dancer, or even remotely close to being good at dancing, in order to do it. It’s all about keeping moving and having fun doing so. The Latin dance fitness routine involves moving from one move to the next without stopping. No breaks in between or rest time. But isn’t that bad? Yes, you should always rest after each exercise, normally. But Zumba is designed to mix high intensity cardio with low intensity strength training and balance. Alternating between the two lets your body cool down and rest before jumping into the next high intensity move. Plus, it’s a super fun dance workout! Zumba can be done at the gym as well as from the comfort of your home. All you need is some energetic music and a clear space. Here are three key Zumba moves to get you started.

a) Cha Cha

cha cha

Stand in the center of the room because you’ll need lots of space for this one. Turn on a nice Cha Cha type of song/music and loosen up your limbs for a few minutes. Hen begin by bring both feet together. With your left foot, take a step forward but leave the other foot where it is. Bring your front foot back to the center and then take a step to the side, leaving one foot in the center. Bring the foot back and then take a step behind you. Again, leave one foot in the center. Repeat this process for all four sides; front, side, back, side.

b) Salsa Twist

salsa twist

Begin this move at one end of the room, giving yourself a long line of sight. Lift your elbows up as if you are about to dance with a partner and just hold them in that position. Start moving to the side, towards the furthest end of the room by crossing your feet over one another. For every two steps switch your facing position and then back again after another two steps. Repeat this until you get to the end of the room and then begin again.

c) Merengue Bop

Merengue Bop

Again, find yourself at the furthest end of the room, giving yourself ample space to move. Place one hand over your belly and hold the other out from your side, bending at the elbow. You should resemble the little teapot pose from when you were a child. Begin by sliding to the side in a shuffle motion while rocking your waist from side to side, as if you’re tipping the tea pot out. Maintain this motion for the entire distance of the room and when you reach the end, turn around and continue doing it.


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