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No Equipment Workout for Women

No Equipment Workout for Women

Going to the gym can be a scary thing for a lot of women. Especially those who are new to the whole idea. The frequent gym goers, the complex machines, and the crowds can be quite overwhelming for those of us who are thinking about a lifestyle change. At the same time, women who have a gym routine in their regular daily life may benefit from having an at-home workout regime that requires no machines and zero weights. But where to start? What moves would be most effective without the aid of equipment? Have no fear! This no equipment workout women is sure to keep you challenged and can be done right from the comfort of your living room.

1) Clap & Squat


A squat is a quick workout move to help bust your butt and work those thighs. So any variant of a squat is even better, right? Begin this move by standing straight, your feet shoulder width apart and your arms at your sides. Proceed to bend at the knees and ease down into a squat. While you’re doing that, raise your arms up to meet in front of your body and clap. As you raise your body back up in the standing position, rest your arms back at your sides. By doing the clapping movement, you also work your arms muscles by adding resistance when squatting and standing. Repeat for 2 sets of 10 reps.

2) Kick & Squat


Stand straight with your feet placed shoulder width apart on the floor. Hold your fists together at your chest, bending at the elbows. Start by kicking out one leg in front of you and upon bringing it back down, proceed to move into the squat position. Ease yourself back up to a stand and then kick with the other leg before squatting. Alternating between legs, repeat this for 2 sets of 10 reps. Switch it up and kick backwards or sideways to target other parts of the leg. This is a great hybrid no eqipment workout to work leg muscles as well as abs while you keep your arms up and your body balanced.

3) Leg Lifts

leg lifts 2

Using a yoga mat or a carpeted area, lay down with your back to the floor and stretch out straight. Place your arms at your sides and keep them firmly on the floor. Proceed to lift your legs into the air, making sure they remain straight and your ankles are together. Hold them there for a moment before easing them back down to the floor. By engaging your core while performing this move, you not only exercise the legs but focus on the abs. Repeat this for 2 sets of 10 reps. Switch up the move and emphasize on other muscles by changing the angle of your leg lift.

4) Reach & Crunch


Stand straight on the mat or carpeted floor, your feet shoulder width apart. Extend your arms up and back as far as they can go. Then, bring one knee up as you pump your arms down and tighten your core. Let go and bring your leg back down, reaching your arms back up. Repeat but with the other knee. Switch back and forth and repeat for 2 sets of 10 reps. This standing version of an abdominal crunch is a great way to work your core without having to get down on the floor. Once you get comfortable with it, switch it up by adding an extra crunch per knee.

5) Pump & Stretch


This one proves to be challenging but so rewarding if you perform it properly and is an excellent total body workout. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms extend out in front of you. Begin by bringing one knee up to your torso and your arms to your chest, mimicking a pumping motion. But instead of releasing your leg back to the floor, stretch it behind you while extending your arms back out. Without letting your foot touch the floor, continue this pump and stretch motion for 2 sets of 8 reps before switching to the other leg. This is a great, well rounded exercise move as it work the arms, abs, and legs.

6) Burpees


Burpees are so much fun, but also very tiring. So we’ll start with just 2 sets of 6 reps to begin with until your build up tolerance for them. To do a burpee, begin in a crouching position on the mat, your hands placed on the floor in front of you. Moving your weight to your hands, kick both legs out behind you to bring yourself into a push up position. Quickly bring them back and then jump up, extending your arms straight into the air before getting back down and repeating the process over and over. It’s a tough exercise, but keep at it. A burpee targets every single key area on your body, even your back, making it the ultimate total body workout move. It’s a must-have in any no equipment workout women.

7) Push Ups


An oldie but a goodie no equipment workout move. A push up, if done correctly, can be very beneficial to your back, shoulders, chest, core, and especially the arms. Lay face down on the mat or floor, propping your body up on your toes and hands. Make sure your back is as straight as can be and your core muscles are tightened. Adjust your hands so they are shoulder width apart and proceed to push up so your arms become straight. Ease back down without touching your chest to the floor and repeat for 2 sets of 8 reps. Challenge yourself and switch it up by placing one arms behind your back.

8) Triangle Push Ups


Similar to a regular push up, a triangle push up targets most your triceps and chest muscles. Whereas, a standard push up works your shoulders and chest more. It’s a great no equipment workout for the chest. Lay face down as your normally would, your feet and hands propping your body up. Make sure your back is straight and your core is tightened. But, rather than place your hands shoulder width apart, bring them together to meet in front of your chest. Proceed to push up in a normal fashion and ease back down. Repeat for 2 sets of 8 reps. You can switch this move up by lifting one foot in the air. You’ll immediately feel the shift of focus in your abs.

9) Lunges


Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart on the floor or mat. Place your hands on your hips and firmly secure them there. Begin by lunging forward and putting your weight on one leg. Propel your body back to the upright position and switch to the other leg, lunging forward and back again. Repeat for 2 sets of 10 reps. This is a great move to switch up by reversing the lunging direction. Keeping your hands on your hips, lunge backwards on one leg and then alternate between the two. This shifts the focus to other key leg muscles and provides a well rounded exercise in one move.

10) Cardio


Cardio is single headedly one of the most important aspects of an exercise routine and is the best way to workout without weights. You need cardio to promote good heart health and give your body excellent blood circulation. Always try and end a workout with a good stint of cardio moves. This will help rush much needed blood to your tired muscles and ensure that you keep burning calories long after the workout is done. You could try a few short bursts of cardio moves per workout or keep it simple and do one each time. Running in place (or running outside) is a great form of cardio, jumping jacks, skipping rope, walking, etc.


  • Be consistent with fluids. Feeding your muscles before, during, and after any workout is the key to success. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated or you risk muscles fatigue and cramping.
  • Stretch your limbs, joints, and muscles before you begin a workout. This loosens your body up for the exercise ahead. Afterwards, make sure to stretch again to help ease your muscles down from the intensity.
  • If you experience major pain or discomfort when exercising be sure to consult your doctor immediately. Working out while injured can lead to permanent damage.

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